Private rangebound after a short rate probably pick up in favor defense strategy

Private: rangebound A shares the probability of short pick up in national defense strategy to investment contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor last week, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.43%, the gem index fell 0.71%, liquor, coal and building materials industry gainers, stocks in half a week or larger. This week the market will be how to interpret? Interface news invited 5 investors to analyze. This investment Li Bo: listed company three quarterly report card has almost full disclosure, more than 1 thousand listed companies appeared in the "national team" figure. Distribution from the industry point of view, the national team holds the largest number of financial stocks, which is one of the main reasons for the recent strong performance of financial stocks. The next news aspect more, Shenzhen Tong started soon, the U.S. presidential election, the United States and other major events will be about the interest rate market to patiently observe the current market style conversion will continue. In the general direction, we maintain a large pattern of the interval to determine the shock, the index adjustment is not large, but the short-term strategy of defense. After the November U.S. election and other peripheral factors settled, A shares may pick up. Follow the reform of state-owned enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, AMC and other mainstream hot spots to adjust the purchase. Chen Jinggeng: November Huaxing Epica capital market is still in the long and short match in the multi dominant market status, influence the biggest event through the opening, MSCI may restart at any time for Shenzhen, the policy focus of preserving fundamental events and performance will be a key market. The operation opportunity, as in the past we of brokerage stocks and shares in the reform are optimistic, can still focus on those who have not seen the new sharp and small financial growth, undervalued stocks of recombinant shares rose more than short-term avoidance with high premium; equity transfer is part of the stock callback the opportunity to continue to be optimistic about autumn and winter haze to the north because of environmental protection and energy saving stock opportunities. In short, the market may be the trend for the interpretation of the subject shares structural opportunities in line and heavyweight up the stage, under the interaction of several plates of food market is still in the four quarter, still does not change the structural rebound opportunities during the ebb phase one or two intraday rebound after the shock, we still insist on adjustment of stock selection in the opportunity to bargain hunting, new high wait patiently in the long road. HSBC Asset week strategy: the market for global liquidity tightening is expected to rise. We believe that we should guard against the adverse effects of market liquidity tightening to high valuation assets. Recent news that the central bank to proceed with the bank’s off balance sheet financing into the MPA regulation, if the real implementation may make further contraction of liquidity, asset prices have a qualitative impact. Plate is still maintained before the view, after the blue chip underestimate the value of the rise in the direction of the consumer upgrade industry has the opportunity to re focus. Recommendations focus on "health China 2050 plan" announced a substantial impact in the industry; VR, wearable devices, automotive electronics and other emerging industry sales in the three quarter than expected, deep industry chain can still find many opportunities. Rui day investment Li Peng: last week, the last two trading days of the stock market相关的主题文章: