Professional Year Program Your Road To Have A Wonderful

College-University Every student has a dream, a dream of achieving success, a dream of reaching to the top. Most of the students who have big dreams go to Australia, and why not? With top class universities and superb living environment, Australia has be.e number one study destination for international students. Attracted by the international respect, Australian universities have earned a reputation for being the best in academic excellence, and offer various courses. Now when we talk about Australian education system, we must be very careful, as it has 4 main sections, and it should not be mixed into one another. The 4 section in which it consists are, universities, vocational education and training, schools and English language training colleges. The great thing about their education system is that it offers many pathways for international students so that they have lot to choose from. Moreover, Australian universities have a great track record of innovation and success, and because of this very reason seven of its universities are among the worlds top universities. Now, when we are aware about the education system of Australia, its time to have some information about the PY program, considered as one of the most important parts of study in Australia, a professional year program is a structured professional development which .bines both formal learning as well as workplace experience for the international students. This program is really important for those students who are seeking a permanent residence of Australia as it carries an extra 5 points towards the PR(Permanent Residence) point system, and department of immigration and border protection(DIBP) only recognize those students under this point system who have .pleted their professional year programme. As the name suggests, a professional year program is of 1 year and can be pursued in various fields like engineering, accounting, IT etc. These programs allow students to develop industry specific skills and also gain work experience, and hence, prepare them to have a career in Australian workforce. Following some benefits of doing this program: It allows you to have an internship in an Australian .pany, through this you can gain enough experience and can make your career out of it. It also allows you to gain proper knowledge of the culture and practices within the Australian workplace, plus, it helps you to improve your .munication skills. Now when we have discussed so much about this program, the next arises about the basic eligibility criteria of doing this course. So let me tell you that to appear in this program, one just needs to have a degree in accounting, .puter science or engineering etc. Moreover, those who have .pleted their engineering outside Australia can also take admission in this program. So go for a professional year program and give your career a new boost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: