Psychology of marriage man is a woman of 5 word in crisp (Figure) gamelink

Psychology of marriage: man is a woman of 5 word in crisp (Figure) man is a woman of 5 word in crisp I believe most women want to own the other half of the time to his surprise, love yourself, but in real life, many couples or couples together for a long time, will slowly the lack of passion, feeling very dull. That in the end should be how to keep love fresh, so that love has a long shelf life? Today Xiaobian tell you some tips. 1, you let me become better between couples and couples would not say too much for the kind words, otherwise it is born, but occasionally say one or two words, to express your appreciation is very necessary. On a special day, such as your birthday, or wedding date, you need to express your feelings for him. Not many words, as long as a few words is enough, but to be intimate and sincere, let him know his influence on you and this relationship and meaning. A "you make me better than thousands and thousands of words, which make him feel happy, also can let your feelings get deeper. 2, the weather is good, suitable for evening exercise two people together, if in the field of sex is always he requested, it may wish you a bold, show you are interested in is on this matter, rather than blindly indulge him. You might be ashamed of yourself at first, so you might as well give him a hint of the words, "it’s a good day to do sports in the evening!" He also suggests you can savor from such a word, know you want with him to the point of intimate interaction, this is what sweet words are more beautiful, he will be more happy. Don’t worry about him because of this and think you are too active, because the man is sometimes a woman’s courage is greater. 3, my dear, sorry in feelings, are often men played the opposite role of tolerance, love, and women need to find a can let you rest assured to rely on to do their man in front of him. But sometimes a woman in front of men not only know blindly arrogant, arrogant, sometimes more than his patience the bottom line is likely to trigger a fight, and even make him angry, so this time you are going to have to apologize to him. Say "I’m sorry, darling."." Express your sincerity and feel sorry for the consequences of the full mood, for his forgiveness and understanding, than your sense of vexatious much more sensible. 4, it’s not your fault we have suffered setbacks, perhaps in the company boss reprimanded, or meet other bad time, this time you comfort to him is particularly important. Gently say to him, "it’s not your fault." Than any words to the understanding, let him feel your warm harbor, can bring understanding and support to him, to melt his frustration and helplessness. Your support is the biggest motivation for him to stick to it. 5, ha ha ha ha ha don’t doubt your heartfelt smile is telling him the words, see you.相关的主题文章: