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Internet-and-Business-Online If you have ever been in the Network Marketing industry, you would know that there are some amazing opportunities that emerge and some that are not so great. Some MLM companies truly thrive to have a good foundation to last long, and others honestly do not give a crap. They are just looking for a fast buck. They do not care if they are scamming or ripping off people or not. As Rain Nutrition is building up a reputation, it is obvious that some individuals are going to question its credibility. In the last couple of months, I and several other Network Marketing experts have noticed that this new company has been causing some "talk" around our community. Some people have written very good reviews, and there is also the typical "MLM naysayers" that are calling it a scam. This article is an honest review of Rain Nutrition. But before I continue, I just wanted to give you a quick disclaimer. I’m not affiliated with Rain Nutrition in any way, I don’t use their products, and I don’t sponsor people into a Rain Nutrition down line. However, I have several years of experience in the Network Marketing industry. I can give you an accurate scoop of Rain Nutrition to whether or not it is a scam or a legitimate opportunity. As I mentioned earlier, Rain Nutrition is a new MLM company as they have registered their domain in May 2009. Rain Nutrition offers three products called soul, rush, and storm. Soul will be competing in the health and wellness industry. It is a drink that has plenty of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Rain Nutrition also claims that soul has anti-aging supplements in it. Unlike Soul, Rush is competing in the energy drink market. It is composed of natural ingredients and extracts from botanical seeds. Storm is a product that individuals take after they work out. It was designed to help your body recover quickly after a strenuous workout. To develop these products Rain Nutrition created a partnership with Arnold S. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D., a thoracic and pediatric surgeon. From the background information that I have provided you so far about Rain Nutrition you can see nothing that screams, "SCAM!" It appears that Rain Nutrition is just a new MlM company that is trying to secure its spot as a legit company. And that is the truth. If you have read reviews saying that Rain Nutrition is a scam, they were probably written to take people interested in Rain Nutrition away and redirect them to another opportunity. But if you are thinking that you could make a lot of money with this company and you have no experience in advertising, it will be extremely difficult for you. You see this happens a lot. People join an MLM company and they have no marketing plan or they do not have a very good one. If you are itching for financial freedom and you are serious about earning a full time income from Rain Nutrition or another company in the MLM industry, you must lean how to market. You need a COACH to show you exactly what you need to do to market effectively online. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: