Rebecca Hi, you need to upgrade your autumn outfit! ca1835

Ribeka: Hi, you need to upgrade your autumn outfit! Recently, people have to pay attention to Fashion Week Street shot should be found, this year, we are not really interested in the cold wind. Autumn and winter coat into this style. We found it, we often wear denim jacket, leather coat and tooling are not willing locomotive basic models, a lot of small mind, ordinary coat becomes lively up. No longer worried about the winter and autumn wear dull ~ for these upgraded version of the coat, I guess a lot of people will not accept a half. But whether you love or not love, the main theme of this year are: garish jacket. Today we take a look at the brand, have the basic coat do what "hands" – to coat more handsome badge in all garish jacket, I most love the "mind" is a badge. This year, many brands are very popular with this design. Such as Miu Miu this year’s autumn and winter series. You can also English badges on the word order. Different coats, also with different patterns of badges. So this is also a spread out from the army’s single product ~ with handsome gene. You and the badge coat, of course is the uniform wind coat frock coat. A lot of frock coat, have a direct military uniform "steal" down badge. So before I said star man was difficult to manage in the yellow green. I tried a lot in the green frock coat, dress like hard work at the site after a woman moved brick. This year, finally found a suitable for me in the green frock coat, put on, not before that "gray" feeling. The reason is that it adds a few simple badges. This is Zadig& Voltaire. We add a simple badge, originally slightly dull coat were lively up there. We add badges, frock coat also comes with age effect is the most suitable for you ~ denim jacket plus a badge of a single product, can make the basic design badge coat is the one and only the feeling of the wind ~ you custom can also choose some more in line with their personality badge. Just look at the coat, others will know your attitude. So I think, a badge of denim jacket, oversize version more than personal design style type, but also more type. So although a lot of badges designed jacket version are all-match, but because with the badge, the coat had enough to steal the spotlight, other items will be as concise as possible. In this way, a little bit careful thinking can become a bright spot in the body. You and another with a badge face coat is pilot jacket. Last year, I wrote a lot of students told me that I have started, then the badge can also be ready for the ha ha, Shuai Shuai shuai. If you don’t want too much publicity, can choose the small badge on the sleeves, neither too exaggerated, a little thought. You boys wear is also very handsome ~ so many brands this year a motorcycle leather with a badge, but personally I’m not love. Feel the cool motorcycle leather itself and it’s simple and tough.相关的主题文章: