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Software The turnover in technology now is rapidly decreasing the lifespan of the desktop .puter. Its not to say that it will conk out after about five years, which is the average lifespan, but rather you are already three generations behind in hardware technology by that time. But you can repurpose your PC and extend its lifespan by converting it into a Windows thin client. In that way, you take the pressure off of trying to keep up with the latest technology by upgrading the hardware of each PC every so often. Virtual desktops A thin client system refers to a central server which assumes the .puting process of all the workstations attached to it. The workstation is just a monitor, keyboard, mouse and client device which more often than not has no hard disk. If you only need office applications for your own business, anyway, you can just convert your old PCstake away all the unnecessary hardware and programsinto VDI thin client terminals. Dells VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions will effectively remove your workstations away from the local resources and then storing it on the server. Since the server will now operate all the applications and manage the data, you only need a terminal that is powerful enough to connect with the server. Cut down on wastes You can cut down costs since you only need to install or upgrade software in one location. Software licensing is one of the most overlooked aspects in business costing. According to the study by 1E firm along with Federation Against Software Theft Investors in Software and International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, the amount of unused software accounts to more than $12 billion in the United States alone. Regardless of the reasons why software remains unused, the study estimated the wastage for each PC due to unutilised or underutilised software to reach $415. Imagine the costs if you are have 20 desktop .puters in your office. When you convert to Citrix thin client , you only need to waste money on a single terminal, which by itself is debatable since you scale down .puter applications to their basic levels. A separate study by Bloor Research revealed that businesses can save as much as 70% by deploying thin clients for their needs. Easier to manage Apart from driving down the costs, it would now be easier to track down projects, manage documents, organise data and distribute assignments because they are all centralised. Nobody can make a defective .puter application as an excuse to explain backlogs. Utilising a VMware thin client will also cut down on your maintenance costs, which on average will only be about 1-2 hours per month. Some of the best thin clients in the market can run a thousand terminal using only one server so you can just imagine the amount of savings for your .pany. 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