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Ribeka: in addition to Burberry windbreaker what is worth buying? Light rain in London does not affect the atmosphere of the fashion week. Yesterday’s most watched show was Burberry’s September show. PM (London time) more than four points, the distance show there are more than three hours, I went to the interview, see the show around the door full of people. Seven more I go back and find that they are still there. At first I thought they were all stars. Later on, Julie said on the micro-blog that she saw me. I asked her if she was going to wait for Wu Yifan, and she told me that it was not their teacher’s request for a fashion week. After watching the show and so on with a car to chat with a girl, she is Burberry iron, did not get tickets but also want to feel the atmosphere. I arrived two minutes before Cara arrived, and the crowd cheered. But Cara walked like a gust of wind, my cell phone was too late to lift her to go in. We later Zhao Wei and Wu Yifan emerged, there are a lot of fans shouting their names. We show in the "craftsman house" (makers house) held, the garden was full of statues. So a building is a live concert orchestra. Track "reliquary" (Reliquary) by the British composer Ilan Eshkeri especially for the Burberry September fashion show creation. Interested people can enjoy music to the Apple Burberry page online edition. So people are hard-working craftsmen ~ we hung on the wall design sketches, full Burberry season products inspired by pictures and all kinds of bags of clothes material. We are two floor show. When I went in, I saw a book on each of the seats. The famous British writer Virginia Woolf’s novel · "Orlando", the novel consciousness is very advanced, both exaggerated and somewhat romantic color, wrote the protagonist Orlando from sixteenth Century to twentieth Century in the transformation process of male female. This is also an important source of inspiration for this season Burberry design. We see the devil in the show, there are people always talk to her. We soon opened the show. The show is a combination of romantic classicism and modernity. Both the retro court wind lace collar shirt, and a modern Oversized coat. We are everywhere there are lazy pajamas wearing pajamas out of the wind, it will wind getting fierce ah ~ so this is it home for the first time men and women also show, a lot of clothes design is also blurred the sex, regardless of gender. The scene saw this pink Lantern Sleeve Sweater, immediately the grass. Ask what you want to see on the show details before you. One of the students said simply, "I want to know what’s worth buying". I also said that in the past to see the show, we meet hello to ask is "how do you think this show", yesterday’s chat has become a "you fancy what to buy?" Because this is the first attempt to Burberry, that is, look to buy mode. To]相关的主题文章: