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Rose: why is the knowledge of pregnancy in the family way? When we look at the Sohu maternal costume drama, pregnant women are generally not pregnant, but that is pregnant, or in the family way. Why to get pregnant in the family way? Is that what Malacca? According to the research, it should be from the Taoist fangzhongshu, that is the God of creation Malacca days, as well as women’s most fertile days for people praying when said the blessings, along with the development of the society and the language the pregnant woman to gradually become. "Sui Zhi three" in the "book" in Malacca through fetal says women with fetus, refers to Jia Yin, Chen Jiazi, Jia Shen, 1754, Sino Japanese, six a day, God is the creation of the day, this day symbolizes the start of life, a woman is most likely to conceive of the day, so the woman said pregnancy is in the family way. Here the Malacca source for the heavenly stems and earthly branches are 60 basic units, six ten day and the twelve Earthly Branches collocation combinations, the ancients used to count. Among them, Jiazi, Jiayin, Chen, 1894, 1754 a total of 6 year, 1884, every ten to 10 to make a piece of heavenly stems and earthly branches, referred to as the Malacca, also called the "sixty 60". A person’s life can have a flower Jiazi, is only one of the 60 years. The ancients generally live less than 60 years old on the over, to live to a very small number of only a few years old that is 120 years old, a little less than the age of 12. So the ancients also used Malacca to describe a person’s life. Malacca is behoove represents a life cycle, but also put the Malacca as a life. In addition, the Malacca explained there is another way of saying, is pregnant with a person in the family way. Among them, a pair of yin and Yang on behalf of the five lines of Yang, Yang is the entity, wood is a natural growth, so a simple explanation here is a growing entity. Malacca said that Jiayin – God of wood, bone; Jiashen – Gold God, as the tooth claw; 1754 – the God of the earth, for the muscle; Chen – Aeolus, for breath; Sino Japanese – Vulcan, warm; water depths for Jiazi -. And the God of wood for the liver, Vulcan for heart, God of the earth for the spleen, golden God as the lung, kidney water, Fengshen bile into a total of Malacca. So, look at the future of television drama when speaking in the family way ", you can immediately ask the man: do you know why pregnant is in the family way?相关的主题文章: