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The guy married daughter-in-law beauty of Ukraine two months back the original title: Henan rural guy married the beauty of Ukraine met two months on licensing Chen Xuanxuan and Alena’s wedding (Chen Xuanxuan Chen Xuanxuan) and Ukraine wife Alena at home in the Pingdingshan evening news reporter Peng Cheng photo East High Street Huang Weidong District Xu Dong Zhuang Village group guy Chen Xuanxuan married a daughter-in-law! In this village, but their epoch-making first time. This comes from Ukraine’s blond and blue eyed girl has lived for nearly a month in the village, the villagers from the beginning curiously stare to see now greeted with a smile, daughter-in-law has a parade of curt Chinese response to "hello". Pingdingshan rural guy married Ukraine beauty met two months licensing August 22nd morning, the reporters came to Dong Zhuang group of villagers Chen Xuanxuan home, Chen is home decoration. Chen Xuanxuan’s daughter-in-law Alena in the room busily packing, she is wearing China features blue flowers on a white background short dress, long blond hair, tall. See the reporter and his party, a Liao put things in the hands of reporters and smiled at the line. By performing affinity translation software major meritorious Chen Xuanxuan 25 year old, 23 year old alena. Mention two acquaintances, Chen Xuanxuan said, need to thank his master Miao chao. According to Chen Xuanxuan introduction, one day in 2013, he worked in the unit of the Handan magic association chairman Miao Chao perform magic, I remember when the Miao teacher performed a magic called empty pole fishing." Chen Xuanxuan said, Miao teacher wonderful performances attracted the magic show has never touched him. At that time, Miao Chao living room with Chen Xuanxuan’s hostel is next door. An accidental opportunity, Chen Xuanxuan and Miao Chao talk about magic. See Chen Xuanxuan on the magic so hard with the honest and hardworking, Miao teacher intends to accept it as acts. In this way, Chen Xuanxuan embarked on the magic road. According to Chen Xuanxuan said, after more than a year with Miao teacher learning, his formal apprenticeship, began to go out all over the country to perform magic. "If you have a job, you can’t live." Chen Xuanxuan said. At the end of June 2015, he was at home to help the family work, received a master’s call, informing him that Beijing has a magic show, let him go to the. "I arrived in Beijing in July 5th." Chen Xuanxuan said, on the day of his arrival, Liao Na with a performance team also went there. Alena original work at the Ukraine airport, because love Chinese, with tall, is a performing arts company, inviting them to Chinese when the plane model. "On the same day, when they got there, they found that the work of the so-called plane model was false, but let them dance." She didn’t want to dance, so when she got there, she had nothing to do but watch the show". Young people are easy to communicate, although Chen Xuanxuan and Alena’s language barrier, but does not prevent the two become friends. Chen Xuanxuan said that they spent a total of 5 days in the local, nothing, he would chat with the Arab israeli. Because the two sides of the language barrier, so he used the phone under a translation software, in the software相关的主题文章: