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Insurance You"ve just bought an RV. You"re excited and can"t wait to get on the road for a nice, long family vacation. But wait. Do you have RV insurance? Are you adequately covered? How can you tell? Here"s how. Before you contact an insurance .pany to inquire about its aarp motorhome insurance rates , there are things you need to know about it first. Let"s take a closer look at what you need to know about your motorhome insurance. RV insurance is different from traditional auto insurance Be it a travel trailer or a fifth wheel; a medium duty tow vehicle or camper; what most RV owners don"t realize is no matter what kind of RV they own, their insurance needs go above and beyond regular auto insurance. While you"re traveling in your RV, it is essentially your home and so, your insurance policy must include .ponents from both an auto as well as home insurance. RVs .e with awnings, slide-outs, trailers, tow dollies, etc and you might want to take them into consideration while deciding on your coverage. Getting the right coverage Each RV is unique. Its .ponents are unique and so is the way in which you use it. It"s easy to get sidetracked by "attractive" coverages, but the question really is about- Can you afford it? Do you need it? So, when deciding on coverage for your RV, ask yourself the following questions: "Am I going to use my RV on a part-time basis? "Am I going to live in my RV? "Can I pay for some replacement and repair costs myself? Factors that affect your RV insurance rates We"re all looking for a bargain. We"d be lying if we said we didn"t care about saving some money wherever possible. Well, you could save some money on your RV insurance as well. Other than the obvious- storage location and type of use, there are other factors that could reduce your motorhome insurance rates: "Multiple policy discounts: Most insurance .panies provide multi-policy discounts to their policy holders. "Being associated with an RV association: Being associated with an RV association has its perks. One of them being a discount on your insurance premiums. "High deductible: If you"re willing to pay a higher deductible, your premium rates will be lowered considerably. "Type of unit: Some insurance .panies think that a class A motor home is more expensive to insure as .pared to a Class C. If you want to keep your premiums to a minimum, you should aim to get the cheapest RV to insure. "Previous ownership and claim history: An insurance .pany is likely to want to know about your experiences with a previous RV. Have you owned one? Have you driven an RV before? Do you maintain a clean driving record? How many insurance claims have you made over the past few years? There are other factors such as home ownership, credit history, marital status etc, that affect your Motorhome insurance rates. Question the insurance .pany about all the factors it considers while deciding your coverage just to be sure. Hit the roads with your RV and enjoy it to the fullest, knowing that it is well-protected by solid insurance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: