Samsung limited recall Galaxy note 7 battery can only maintain 60%- Sohu Technology

7 battery Galaxy Note Samsung did not limit the recall can only maintain the 60%- Sohu [Technews] according to the science and technology science news report pointed out that South Korea’s Samsung smart mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 continuous battery explosion, since the last full production recovery, Samsung announced that the vast majority of products have been recalled in the global market. However, for some unknown reasons can not move back to the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will release to upgrade the way these Galaxy Note 7 battery limit in 60%, in order to reduce the risk of explosion. According to the U.S. science and technology news website TheVerge reported that in announcing the global recall, Samsung sold 2 million 500 thousand Galaxy Note in the world, of which about one million in the U.S. market. The day before, Samsung announced that the United States has 85% Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled. This means that there are still 15%, nearly 285 thousand Galaxy Note is still in the hands of U.S. consumers. Therefore, given that some products may be taken abroad by users, or other unclear reasons, this last part will be more difficult to recall. Therefore, they will take the way to upgrade the release of the program, the phone’s battery power is limited to about 60%, in order to reduce the risk of explosion. It is understood that the limitation of reason in this range, partly because this value is relatively safe, on the other hand it is because of this storage capacity, it is difficult to make the battery capacity reached more than a day, this will enable more users willing to cooperate with Samsung recycling, in order to increase the probability of recovery. At present, including Verizon, at & T and T­ Mobile and other American telecom operators have confirmed that received a Galaxy Note 7 Upgrade Program news. However, due to the Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued, the subsequent release of the upgrade program is also difficult to ensure full security services. Therefore, Samsung is still recommended to hold Galaxy Note 7 users or return or replacement, in order to protect security. In addition, according to the U.S. technology media also reported that in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand, telecom operators will take a more strict control of the Galaxy Note 7 strategy, which is banned in the mobile network access to their Galaxy Note 7, a no outdoor communication equipment. The move will begin in December 18th, all Galaxy Note 7 will not be able to access the mobile telecommunications network, making it impossible for users to use the mobile network to make calls, send text messages, internet. However, you can still use Wi­ -Fi Internet access, and the phone can still use the function. And so far, the global telecom operator相关的主题文章: