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Samsung Note 7 South Korea explosion has little effect on domestic sales of Samsung Note 7 South Korea explosion is very calm China consumer online and offline channels, sales of hot overseas consumers from the domestic market purchasing China version of Note 7 – IT times Xu Lianlian as Samsung’s flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 year, recent experience can be used "colleagues" to describe. Recently, Samsung deep recall door, which is one of the largest recall in the history of mobile phones. Note 7 is recalled worldwide because of battery defects, but not china. Currently, Note 7 line version of China’s spot sales, Samsung is given the reason that the Chinese version of the sale of the market using a different battery supplier. In an official statement under the umbrella of Samsung, Note 7 as listed in the domestic. "IT times" reporter survey found that the "recall door" and the mobile phone explosion occurred outside the Samsung Note 7 sales in the country did not cause much impact, Chinese consumers are very calm. A few dozen sales did not run a day, according to the announcement of Samsung Electronics, a total of 35 cases of global explosion report, the impact of Note is only about 0.0024% of the proportion of. September 2nd, held a news conference at the scene in Seoul, Samsung mobile phone business leader in charge of the bow bowed and apologized, and said that in the sale of Galaxy Note 7 of the market, will stop the sale of work. In addition, for the problem of high Dongzhen battery products exist, battery defects may cause explosion in mobile phone charging. Followed, China Samsung released the official announcement, announced that in September 1st China market officially released the country line version, because of the different battery supplier, but not in the category of replacement." The announcement may be played a calming effect, Samsung Note 7 for sale a week, reporters from multiple channels of feedback, Note 7 state line version of the sale is almost not affected by the explosion and the "recall door". Note 7 I am here on the shelves of the number 2, so a few days, has sold nearly 400 units, and now basically a day dozens of sales did not run." Tmall mall, an online agent told the IT times reporter. Another agent bluntly, his hand Note 7 new machine Diamond Black version has been sold out, the rest of the Golden goods are not many, want to order as soon as possible. Reporters saw only in the official flagship store Tmall Samsung, the current Note 7 sales reached more than 11 thousand units. The online channel, Note 7 performance is quite eye-catching. The reporter visited a number of offline channels and Samsung flagship store, a Pudong Samsung flagship store staff told reporters, before the launch of Note 7, booking many people, than the previous flagship will be hot, "may be added some black technology reasons, people are also more interested in." When a reporter asked about the impact of the news of the explosion Note 7 has no impact on sales.相关的主题文章: