Samsung now intends to acquire Samsung intends to do their own imessage- Sohu masa-c

The acquisition of appearing Samsung intends to do their own Sohu iMessage- digital mobile phone Chinese [news] according to foreign media reports, 16 this month, Samsung acquisition of Canadian "rich communication services" (RCS), NewNet Communication, on the surface, not what, but this means that the application of the RCS standard message Samsung may have to develop their own in such applications, and is the most famous apple’s iMessage. IMessage had previously Samsung mobile messaging application –ChatON, and the user is very impressive, but the competition turns under attack, ChatON was eventually shut down on the line after 4 years. The original belongs to its users are almost flowing to WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber and other mobile communications. In fact, the statement in the acquisition of Samsung has revealed little information, it says consumers will benefit from the advanced experience of news, such as enhanced call function, group chat, easy sharing and transmission of large files and high-definition photos, "which makes the Samsung mobile messaging application has greatly increased the possibility of. According to foreign media speculation, Samsung launched mobile messaging applications are likely not only for its models, but cross platform applications.相关的主题文章: