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Business According to a new report by RNCOS, Saudi Arabia Housing Sector Outlook, Saudi Arabia continues to attract massive investments and remains a favored destination for real-estate developers around the world. Real-estate investments were expected to reach nearly US$ 400 Billion in 2010; up by nearly 33% from 2009. Residential real-estate was expected to account for the bulk of investments. Recovering oil prices, continued government stimulus, and gradual relaxation of bank lending are some of the important factors attributing to the growth of the residential real-estate market in the Kingdom. Our report identifies that, the residential market in Riyadh is undergoing a modest increase in prices and land values on the strength of improving self-assurance and a return to economic growth. The growing younger local population increased expatriate arrivals and higher immigration into the city for employment or education that are driving demand and creating further opportunities across the different segments of the residential market in the city. Developers are starting to shift their focus to mid-market single family dwellings that can be accepted by both Saudi and expatriate buyers. This category will enable the volumes to develop large tracts of land, but scale also creates absorption risks for developers. The fundamentals for housing industry in Saudi Arabia seem to be strong due to the presence of enough liquidity levels in the form of petro dollar and government commitment. The policy framework in the Kingdom is established in order to promote private investment in the housing segment and fill the demand-supply gap arising due to huge shortfall of housing units. The report presents a detailed analysis of the housing sector in Saudi Arabia. It presents thorough insight into the various housing segments by province, ownership, investments, etc. Most importantly, the report also provides future outlook taking into consideration the effect of global economic crisis on the housing sector of the country. Base drivers, opportunities, and future residential projects are also discussed here, which will drive the housing industry in the Kingdom. Additionally, the sheds light on the emerging industry trends and discusses the market structure along with current and past market performance of the Saudi Arabia housing industry. For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit: Some of our Related Reports are: – China Housing Sector Outlook 2013 ( – Vietnam Housing Forecast to 2013 ( – Brazil Housing Sector Analysis ( – Indian Housing Sector Analysis ( – US Cement Industry Analysis ( Check Related REPORTS on: .rncos../Other-Industry.htm About the Author: 相关的主题文章: