Save the carnivorous pitcher plant story disappear after one hundred years is found again win7codecs

Save the carnivorous pitcher plant story: disappear after one hundred years has been discovered in the nepenthes Rajah sometimes kill mice. Jeremy Dean has 100 years has been found time. Sina Technology News Beijing on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, which is a kind of tropical carnivorous plants, named for its insect cage shaped like a pig. Nepenthes species many, but in recent years many Nepenthes species have is on the verge of extinction, which has a hundred years Jeremy Dean has been found. In order to study the British botanist Stewart Mcpherson – pitcher, decided to go to the Philippines expedition, then embarked on a tough journey to save the plant science. Since childhood, Mcpherson began to plant with. At the age of 8, he was in a British Garden in the first time to see the pitcher plant, and produced a very strong interest in it, from the beginning of a specialized collection and cultivate a variety of nepenthes. After a few decades, many species of carnivorous plants have been planted in his greenhouse. However, Mcpherson and some other botanists have discovered that although Nepenthes species, but many are on the verge of extinction. Mcpherson said, "after the evolution, Nepenthes have developed highly specialized leaves, can be used to capture, kill and digest the temptation, the small animal, this abnormal leaf some big enough to kill a mouse." For a long time, carnivorous plants that always make people feel fear, causing the infinite imagination, from the Vitoria times have people legend, related to modern science fiction film, let the plants are covered with a layer of mystery. Of course, it is the legend of legends. These ideas are incredible in the real world. When Darwin in 1875 in the "book" carnivorous plants mentioned in some plants are carnivorous plants, has been ridiculed. Mcpherson said, of course, he is right, he also provides evidence that there is indeed a plant can kill animals." After graduating from college, Mcpherson has been hoping to find wild plant in the wild. So he traveled to many countries in the world. In the past 10 years, he climbed the more than and 300 mountains, the official discovery of 35 new species of carnivorous plants, and found the "disappeared" hundred years of Jeremy Dean. Mcpherson said, these plants did not get people’s attention. There are hundreds of carnivorous plants around the world, but few people pay attention to them." Nepenthes pilosa. Giant pitcher. However, in the efforts of Mcpherson and others, this situation can be changed. "Carnivorous plants found over the past 10 years are more numerous than those found at any time in history." Many species found in the few people tread remote places, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Western Australia, etc.. Some carnivorous plants are also difficult to assess because their environment is not fixed, and it is difficult to enter. This means that Mcpherson’s rescue pitcher of way is very difficult. A trip to Kalimantan is an epic journey. Almost exhausted in the case of food, the team found fine Nepenthes).相关的主题文章: