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SEOER in the entrepreneurial team 6 months story – Sohu technology good weather today, returning to the sun. Since a month ago and friends go on a bicycle around the doctor, it has been rainy, cloudy, Guangzhou spring here would have been enough to damp, spring not to stay here for the children’s shoes absolutely can not imagine, on the wall of water on the ground, what is the concept of damp. Today is a special day from the beginning of March have been considering this issue, today will open early, looking out of the window floated into the sunshine unbridled scattered in the body, suddenly feel that life is a mess of work recently. Some people say that if you can’t change others, change yourself. So I decided to quit. Explain the background first. Industry: content: data analysis of Web site operators post SEO online marketing planning: head of SEO operations director Boss: Guangdong, the entrepreneurial team is he going to open the second market, exists as a branch of the group. The company’s main business or industry, there are several factories. In any case, from the age point of view, boss is also young to. In the past 6 months, the company has experienced a lot of. This post I will lock (I do not know if Robin will say that I abuse), until the end of writing. I will be the problems encountered in the work, as well as in the company to write a variety of sharing. Before choosing to come to this company, I had a long time in the hearts and minds of men and women, because there were two companies to choose from. A company: IT software company, in the suburbs, the office environment is good, is a bit remote. Full benefits, more secure. No SEO related personnel, need to set up, the boss is a programmer, 30 years old, talking feeling a bit depressed, relatively clear division of duties. B company: Group under the start-up company, the future of the CBD area, because it is the jewelry industry, Boss believes that the office environment must have face, so the office is Premium Apartment House. Staffing is complete, the boss is a young man, the company’s colleagues are very young, more casual conversation. Division of labor is not clear, need all the 1.5K less than A. But entrepreneurial team, giving the right to speak and do things more freely. If it is you, how would you choose? 1-2 month actually see the title also know, I finally chose B company. The treatment is slightly lower, but with greater autonomy, I have always been a loose type, do not love to be restrained. In addition, the company’s atmosphere is better, are young people, there is a common topic, downstairs is the subway, traffic is also convenient. The first day is Saturday, a single break, you can choose one day off (I haven’t a day off ~, which is no chance). A group purchase activities just entry is on Gaopeng, I look at the product, pricing, our own website publicity information, plus the boss have fraud behavior when doing activities, I just familiar with a colleague said: we did not estimate what the effect of group purchase)相关的主题文章: