September new look ahead of the pirates opened the second half of big wave winsockfix

September new look ahead of the pirates opened the second half of big wave [Sina games exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] for months to a shortage in the game! Go! The! At the end of 8 there are "onslaught of giant" and "God eater 2" two big release, allowing us to experience the atmosphere of the festival in advance, and in September and a long-awaited big hit, and September will be uninterrupted with big release, can have the Carnival Game player! Let us look at the September PC platform which is worth looking forward to the sale of the works. 1, "One Piece: burning blood (One Piece Burning Blood)" release date: 2016.9.1 index: 9 look tired without mowing? This series is not good piece of grass, is fighting. The game landed on the PS platform in April, between the various devil fruit ability researchers scuffle must be quite compelling, navigators can get on board. "One Piece: the burning blood" 2, "detective Walker (Agent Walker:Secret Journey) mystery adventure" release date: 2016.9.2 store page: poke my expectations index: 8 Artifex decryption game maker Mundi and a new decryption, in the turbulent war allied detective Walker is a very important task in mystery the evil enemy can use their supernatural powers to change the war and conquer the world before the investigation and destroy the magic spear!   "detective Walker" 3, "a place where there is no one mysterious adventure (De-Void)" release date: 2016.9.3 store address: Stamp index: 8.5 I look forward to a first person sci-fi adventure game, a distant planet space colony members all mystery dies, your role to solve this happens the reason. "4," a place where there is no one "BioShock remake" release date: 2016.9.13 expectations index: 10 "BioShock" and "BioShock 2" will be landing in the 9.13 landing PC, will have the original game player will get the free heavy plate, is simply not so conscience! However, on the PC "infinite" and will not re, because the picture is good enough…… "BioShock" heavy plate 5, "broken" (Quantum Break) quantum release date: 2016.9.14: I look forward to the stamp store page index: 8.5 in "quantum crushing" and can not be counted is a new. The original xboxone exclusive drama first into the win10 store, and then landing steam, then win7 can also play hard, giant Baba always sent to game player crit send welfare. Anyway, it’s always good to see a 70g series pressure yajing. "Broken", "the quantum 6 sin (Divi: 2.相关的主题文章: