Shaanxi bedding qualified rate of 42.5% unqualified bed inventory delisting (video)

Shaanxi bedding pass rate of 42.5% unqualified bed goods inventory delisting Shaanxi media network (Shaanxi Daily reporter correspondent Xu Ying Zheng Aimin) in October 8th, Industrial and Commercial Bureau deployed on the part of serious unqualified bedding market delisting inventory, ensure the health of the people, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It is learnt that the Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce in July to September, organized the circulation of bedding quality sampling. Sampling to shopping malls, supermarkets and shops as the focus, from a total of 14 sales units from the nominal 24 production enterprises of bedding, inspection items include fiber content, pH value, formaldehyde, biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, color fastness to perspiration, dry friction color fastness, color fastness, smell, resistance wet rubbing fastness, soaping fastness, tensile strength, pilling performance and use, a total of 13 indicators. A total of 40 samples were randomly selected. After initial examination and re examination, 17 groups were judged qualified and 23 groups were unqualified. The qualified rate was 42.5%. The province has Industrial and Commercial Bureau the sampling found unqualified commodity trademarks, specifications, production enterprises, the main unqualified items and other relevant information on the Industrial and Commercial Bureau municipal, urged all localities to seriously control the unqualified goods related information, immediately organize inventory market delisting. Serious substandard goods should be investigated and dealt with according to laws and regulations; the main unqualified items only mark unqualified commodities, and according to relevant regulations, the operators should be ordered to return to factories for correction. Note: video only for extended reading. Xianyang Normal University bedding "unified" sell students do not buy into the dormitory

陕西床上用品合格率42.5% 不合格床品清查退市  陕西传媒网讯(陕西日报记者 徐颖 通讯员 郑爱民)10月8日,省工商局部署对部分严重不合格床上用品进行市场清查退市,确保人民群众身体健康,维护消费者合法权益。  据悉,省工商局于7月至9月,组织开展了流通领域床上用品质量抽检。抽检以商场、超市、专卖店为重点,共从14家销售单位抽取了标称24家生产企业生产的床上用品,检验项目包括纤维含量、pH值、甲醛、可分解致癌芳香胺染料、耐汗渍色牢度、耐干摩擦色牢度、耐水色牢度、异味、耐湿摩擦色牢度、耐皂洗色牢度、断裂强力、织物起球性能和使用说明,共13项指标。共抽检样品40组,经初检和复检,判定合格17组,不合格23组,合格率为42.5%。  省工商局已将本次抽检发现的不合格商品的商标、规格型号、生产企业、主要不合格项等相关信息印发各市级工商局,要求各地认真对照不合格商品相关信息,立即组织开展市场清查退市。对严重不合格商品,要依法依规进行查处;对主要不合格项目仅标识不合格的商品,要依据相关规定责令经营者返厂改正。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 咸阳师范学院床上用品“统一”卖 学生不买难进宿舍相关的主题文章: