Shanghai Free Trade Zone financial regulation will build two nets oembios.bin

Shanghai FTA financial regulation will establish the "two nets" Shanghai FTA financial regulation will establish the "two nets" Chinese securities network (reporter Song Weiping Wang Yuan) director of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Financial Services Bureau Shi Haining 22, said that Shanghai FTA will strengthen in the future innovation of financial supervision and regulatory coordination, explore the construction of a financial safety net under open economy. Shi Haining said that the financial security is the bottom line of financial openness, the protection of financial innovation. Around the decentralization and strengthen supervision, the next step of the FTA to do the "two nets" construction work. A network is a comprehensive supervision, with the market as the goal, with full coverage of information sharing on the basis of regulatory cooperation for the security and comprehensive supervision joint comprehensive supervision model with the industry to complement the platform, autonomous. This work is led by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Office, Pudong New Area Financial Services Bureau to do a good job coordination and coordination. The other is a network of financial innovation FTA comprehensive supervision and service platform, which is based on government information sharing, expanding the regulatory and social discipline groups, covering the advance, during and after the disclosure of information network, innovation and lay a solid foundation for the FTA financial openness. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: