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Shanghai is more than 50% respondents are not willing to hire shop choose the lowest pay social security you envy them no boss, no meeting, no office politics, but their early eight late twelve, 365 day spring festival 7 days, eat only rest wash sleep in the corner space. It is said that "work is not the whole life", and most of the boss to make a living in a small shop, the business has occupied most of their lives. The so-called freedom, "exchange conditions". The investigation shows that, because of cost and other reasons, the boss is not more than half of their employees, at the same time as the clerk; but compared to the general enterprises and institutions of workers, their social security, medical security and welfare obviously missing. The lowest level of social security to pay vacation travel has become a day of work 14 hours a day for about 365 days just to break the Spring Festival for the first time, 7 days to earn money to make a living has always been hard, no one can steal lazy." Glasses, Yin Chunfa sat down into the bar, watching the lottery betting single handed, flying fingers, he quickly hit a lottery ticket. Yin Chunfa has now been nearly sixty, supposedly to the retirement age, but he has a moment idle down, "nest" in their lottery shop every day. "The fun you don’t understand." The rhythm of the rain, the road of the night has not seen several pedestrians. 12 midnight, Yin Chunfa waved off the last of a lottery, the end of the day’s business. He turned off the four computer cautiously without any noise in the store, picked up the broom in the corner, put a drop of betting slips swept into the dustpan. Rubbish, he took from the side of a mark pen, while facing today’s numbers, on the side of the wall to write down all the numbers. "Every day the award number must be clearly written, many of the old lottery to study." Finish the lottery numbers, he turned into the counter, counting the day’s turnover, reconciliation, record. Finally the busy, take presbyopic glasses, the body does not consciously yawn. He crept out of the door lock, the umbrella to walk home. Yin Chunfa’s work is made up of the night. Every day at 3 in the morning to fall asleep, he became an alternative lifestyle. The second day in the morning just after 10 pm, Yin Chunfa took the box and opened the door. "Sometimes a little late, and the old player to play nice, they can understand." Yin Chun said with a smile, he slept only 5 hours a day, and sometimes think about a lottery shop in a million people in the lottery. Work 14 hours a day, only a year to rest for the new year,, this is the life of Yin Chunfa. Lottery store business is mainly concentrated in the evening, weekend. "When others rest, it is my busiest time." Yin Chunfa said that the main customer base is a lottery shop gradually cultivate the surrounding residents. Many people buy, the daily workload is rising. Yin Chunfa has the right index finger tied the thick cocoon. More than one day to play 800 tickets, even on the toilet can not run." Of course, no one set Yin Chunfa shop time, his hard work you can say is his own choice. Survey data: lottery shop owner, like Yin Chunfa, more than half of the time spent in their own store? In the shop, nearly 26% of the owner to work more than 13 hours a day. More than 40% of the shop owner needs to spend between $9 and $12 in the store相关的主题文章: