Shanghai winter cream more expensive the main raw material gelatin price jumped 30% this year (video roxane hayward

Shanghai winter cream more expensive: the main raw material gelatin price jumped 30% this year the winter solstice is the best tonic season in a year, although from the winter solstice there are still more than 1 months, but Hushang major hospitals and pharmacies have already opened paste paste the scheduled clinic, public hot degree no less than in previous years, at the same time, mid price the cream of this year prices, also caused the attention of the community. Surging news recently learned from the Shanghai number of pharmacies on the market this year Gaofang prices still rose, because one of the main raw material of gelatin prices greatly. Some well-known brand gelatin per kilogram than last year rose 400-600 yuan, an average increase of about 30%. Insiders pointed out that the gelatin prices began to show rising trend from 2006, 10 years increases 16 times, the highest one rose to 60%. Behind prices and gelatin raw materials shortage, donkey donkey skin breeding low economic benefits, agricultural mechanization and other relevant factors, and now more and more enterprises to join the gelatin industry to demand for raw materials will continue to increase, rising trend is still expected to continue for some time. The main raw material prices, businesses adjust the ratio to limit the surging news reporter recently learned from the Shanghai some pharmacies, although ginseng and other Chinese herbal medicines price last year and remained unchanged, but as an important raw material of the paste especially gelatin prices continued to rise, the market is expected this year Gaofang average price compared to last year increased by 30% to 10%. Because of rising prices, the sales side of some pharmacies have shown a downward trend. Shanghai number of pharmacies recently pointed out in an interview with reporters, along with the rising cost of raw materials such as gelatin paste, is also rising in recent years, but many businesses have some concerns about this, for fear of losing the new and old customers. Including leiyunshang, Fahrenheit large pharmacy, Shanghai pharmacy Hushang pharmacy responsible person told the surging news reporter, Dong’e Jiao a Jin this year is 2365 yuan, 1989 yuan last year, blessing cards gelatin prices this year a pound of 1980 yuan, 1380 yuan last year, an increase of nearly 400 yuan, a rise of 600 yuan also, other brands of gelatin in the price, the average increase of about 30%. "Eat paste is mainly in the elderly, which is a part of retirees, buy a cream price now exceeds 3000 yuan, some nearly a month retirement pay, so the high price of many old customers can not buy again afraid." A pharmacy responsible person told the surging news reporter, paste mid price, now the basic price on the market paste in 3000 yuan -4000 yuan, "in order to attract new and old customers, this year will try to let Chinese experts visit, will paste the price limit at 2600 yuan. For the old customers, we will give some daily necessities, but the discount rate is limited." While another drugstore insiders said with paste prices, coupled with the fierce competition in recent years, the pharmacy Gaofang sales have been declining, "for pharmacies, we can not control the price of raw materials, only by reducing the gelatin paste into, reduce some Cordyceps rare medicinal herbs, to reduce paste pricing." In addition, a number of pharmacies insiders, due to the market price of paste side相关的主题文章: