Sichuan province will build four good village and strive to build more than 60% in 2020 (video)-oboni

Sichuan will be built at the provincial level "four village" in 2020 and strive to build 60% more than 0 to 0 years more than 60% of the province’s provincial village built "four village" newspaper news (reporter Li Miao) provincial office, the provincial government office recently issued "the creation of provincial" four village "activity work program" requirements, from this month in the province to carry out a comprehensive "live a good house and live a good life, good habits and form good atmosphere" as the main content of the "four village" activities, and strive to 2020, built in general city state or county urban district level "four village" on the basis of more than 60% of the village built at the provincial level "four good village". The end of this year to take the lead in building a number of provincial four good village, play a leading role in a good demonstration. In the "house", adhere to the "construction change Paul" combination, pay attention to the "small-scale, group type, micro ecological garden," the village get no room households, households dilapidated housing tenants, solve all the problems of housing security, safety rate was 100%; in the "good life" that requires the ability to work the farmers at least 1 people in employment, per capita disposable income reached a well-off standard, compulsory education of school-age children enrollment rate reached 100%, the new rural cooperative medical insurance rate of 100%, five, pension insurance, subsistence allowances Yingbaojinbao, rural medical treatment and old-age insurance and other towns have merged, hardening the road, health room, culture room, broadband network, safe drinking water, electricity, radio and television; in the aspect of "good habits", for the masses to participate in sports activities more than 80% coverage, have jointly formulated by the village Convenances, village health cleaning staff, develop politeness, thrift, safety, punctuality and trustworthiness of good habits; in the formation of good habits ", asked the village committee the masses satisfaction rate of over 90%, rural cultural heritage, moral model selection, etc. to carry out extensive activities to create a civilized family, for the peasant night school the villagers consciously resist the lazy, mutual competition, dacaodaban, low-level, clan factions and other undesirable practices, no children, not abandoned parents, brothers and sisters do not care and other phenomena, good law and order, no criminal cases, major traffic accidents, fire accidents, food safety accidents. Urban municipalities, county will organize the "four village" activities, urban county to the city, proposed the creation of provincial "for four villages", our province will set up a "four village" activities to create a leading group, by the provincial office in the city to create evaluation and acceptance on the basis of a list of recommended checks and the public, formal evaluation of the provincial "four villages", each named after the provincial government on behalf of, and in the year of awarding the provincial rural work conference. "Plan" identified four kinds of situation to cancel the "four good village" Declaration of qualification: violation of family planning policy, Party cadres in violation of disciplinary rules and punishment, criminal cases, the occurrence of major incidents have to be informed of the. The province will establish a dynamic management mechanism in the province each year by the "four good village" created to organize the review, do not meet the conditions to cancel the provincial title and delisting. The province will establish an incentive mechanism, the provincial finance will be in the transfer of rural comprehensive reform of the transfer of funds to pay for the provincial four good village to give incentives. Editor’s note: the visual相关的主题文章: