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The hood sprang the serpent police put the snake out of garlic and ginger fried pepper for 16 days at 3 pm, when the family lives in Nanjing Liuhe District East Gate jinshuiwan 2 floor of the public in advance on the stove burning late Wang served, stove hood below suddenly sprang a 1 meter long snake, the frightened old man a jump, hurried downstairs to find the property staff to help staff, property to a view, found the snake had fled to the hood pipe to the inside, Wang had to report to the police. Xiongzhou police station rushed to the scene, the snake is still hiding inside the lampblack machine pipeline does not come out, because the pipeline to equivocate, capture brings certain difficulty, the scene of a police after some consideration, think of a way, is to use garlic and ginger chili together fried, produce choking gas, the hide inside lampblack machine pipe to smoke out the snake. After 20 minutes of stirring immediately the soil method has the effect, hiding inside lampblack pipeline and snake stand, first out of breath, then slowly climb out. Climbed to the window next to the balcony of asylum, police from the third floor with the tools to be picked to the first floor of the roof, the police also found a tool to be driven, eventually, the snake had to escape from the sewer pipe down, swim into the ditch.

油烟机下窜出大蛇 民警大蒜生姜炒辣椒把蛇赶出 16日下午3时,家住南京六合区东门金水湾小区2楼的市民老王在灶台上提前烧晚上菜的时候,灶台抽油烟机下面突然窜出一条1米多长的大蛇,把老人吓了一跳,赶忙下楼找物业人员帮忙,可物业人员来了一看,发现那条蛇已经窜到油烟机管道里面去了,老王只好报警。雄州派出所民警赶到现场后,那条蛇仍然躲在抽油烟机管道里面不出来,由于管道拐弯抹角,给捕捉带来一定难度,现场一名民警经过一番考虑,想出一个妙法,就是用大蒜生姜辣椒等放在一起炒,产生呛人的气体,把躲藏在抽油烟机管道里面的蛇给熏出来。经过20分钟的翻炒,这个土方法立马有了效果,躲藏在抽油烟机管道里面的蛇果然受不了,先是探出头呼吸,然后慢慢爬了出来。先爬到旁边窗户阳台避难,民警从三楼用工具将其挑到一楼天台上,民警又找来工具,将其驱赶,最终,这条蛇只好从下水管道逃下来,游进了下水沟。相关的主题文章: