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Health And you thought you were amongst the few who were suffering from snoring problems! Read the snoring statistics below and you would realize how common the problem is: According to British Medical Journal 1997, 30% of people above 30 years of age have snoring problems. This figure goes up to 40% by the time the people reach middle-age. Twice as many men snore in comparison to women "" till women reach menopause, when the snoring increases. As is evident from the above statistical information, snoring problems affect more people than you could imagine, except that not many people talk about them or share them with their friends. Be that as it may, one of the common questions plaguing the minds of all those who snore and their immediate family members is: why do people snore? The individual may appear to be healthy in every sense of the term (though likely to be overweight) "" yet from the time he or she goes to sleep "" the noise starts. Why do people snore? Essentially, snoring is a vibratory sound created by collapsed muscles of the uvula and soft palate. This happens when the person is forced to breathe through the mouth, instead of the nose, since the nasal air way is blocked. This blockage could be caused by various factors including something as simple as a cold or allergy. It could also be blocked due to nasal polyps, congestion, deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, etc. When we sleep, the muscles of the body are relaxed "" this includes those responsible for breathing as well. Such muscles are located in the tongue, soft palate, throat and neck. Once in a relaxed state, muscles of the soft palate and uvula could also collapse, causing serious blockage of air flow. These collapsed muscles vibrate with the wind pressure from inhaling and exhaling. Hence the snoring "noise" Why do people snore: some causes? Snoring could be caused by anatomical, biological, physiological or even lifestyle factors. However, obesity has been identified as one of the prime factors responsible for snoring problems. Other factors responsible for snoring include: Anatomical defect at the bridge of the nose Respiratory tissues are closely linked to snoring. Extended or thickened soft palate or tissue abnormality in the throat region could also cause snoring. As you can see, there could be several reasons that cause snoring problems. However, if you can identify the precise causes of snoring, it gets easier to seek the right kind of treatment. While there is no dearth of therapy options, it is wise to take the doctors" opinion before you consider any specific cure for snoring. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: