Son died leaving 1 million 630 thousand pension for 22 years of absence of mother to be divided in h ca1290

Son died leaving 1 million 630 thousand pension for 22 years of absence of mother to be divided in half over 20 years without children, did not qualify to the money drawing Liu Yang Metropolis Daily News (reporter Yu Hao) 26 year old Wang was a Guangshui City firefighter, died after 2015, there are more than 163.4 yuan of pension funds. Wang parents divorced, grew up with his father’s life. In Wang’s father have received the money, 22 years did not live with the mother suddenly appeared: the pension funds she should also be, and should be cut into half. The two sides in court. The day before yesterday, Castle Peak District court verdict, Wang’s mother had more than 40.3 yuan, 817 thousand yuan share father, stepmother had more than 41.3 yuan. For pension funds appear ex-wife Wang is 54 years old, he and his ex-wife Lin in 1989 gave birth to son wang. In 1993, the couple divorced, 4 year old Wang Wang with life. Since then, Wang and Lin respectively formed a new family. 2011, Wang graduated from the Guangshui municipal public security fire brigade. In August 21, 2015, Wang sacrificed. 3 days later, the public security fire brigade signed on with the Guangshui city pension funds at the expense of Pharaoh agreement, agreed to pay all kinds of pension funds totaling 163.4 yuan. Since then, Guangshui city public security fire brigade to Wang upfront payment of 700 thousand yuan. A few days later, Lin found the fire brigade, claiming she is Wang’s mother, Wang telling her only to sign this agreement is unfair. The mother also asked to sacrifice the certificate after several fruitless negotiations, Lin Wang to court in November 2015. After the court will also be added to the stepmother Wang Lee plaintiff. In January 26th this year, the case hearing. Lin v.says, Wang to her son blocked because of the expense of the news, she is the mother of the son and conceal the truth, pension funds alone signed agreement with the fire brigade, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of her. She requested the court she and Wang by 50% of the 163.4 yuan pension funds division, also require a "revolutionary soldier who sacrificed the original certificate". Why do you want to dispute this paper certificate? Lin said that this is the only son left her spiritual sustenance. The relevant staff said, the day after the certificate may bring the benefits of the Department of civil affairs. Wang said that after the divorce, the son of Lin did not visit, but did not raise, not eligible for the pension funds and holding the certificate. The two sides are not satisfied with the verdict after the court that, according to the relevant provisions of the "law of succession", Wang, Lin, Wang who Li Moudou is statutory succession. However, the successor to the successor to do the main obligation or to live with the heirs heirs, can be divided into multiple. The son of Wang to do the main obligation of the Pharaoh no other biological children, so it should be more appropriate, appropriate identification should share a 50% share of pharaoh. Lin and Lee in Wang’s lifetime had done its duty to support the enjoyment of 25% share. In addition, the court held that the "revolutionary soldiers sacrificed certificate" is a badge of honor, not civil rights, does not belong to the scope of civil litigation accepted, so the request will not be processed. Yesterday, in the face of the verdict, Wang told reporters)相关的主题文章: