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The star of love Liu Shishi Yang Mi love cheap earrings earrings hundreds of pieces of lead: usually see the stars to attend various activities are wearing glamorous, but accessories high prices is always a barrier for us seeking the same paragraph of the heart, these by stars favorite jewelry brand good-looking and parity, let you easily get to the same paragraph. Are you ready for the grass? (reprinted from ONLYLADY Glam Ever GLAM EVER) is a British fashion jewelry brand, although founded only 3 years time, the brand founder and designer of Delia and Fabrice is very talented, two people have graduated from the London School of central Saint Martin has won several awards designers. GLAM EVER will launch a new trend of jewelry every week, each piece of jewelry contains the design team of jewelry design unlimited creativity. Jane Zhang Jane Zhang white T-shirt collocation cowboy wide leg pants and flip flops, lazy fashion, and some vintage retro feel. The earring is from Glam Ever’s new marble series, their home jewelry mostly in the hundreds of dollars, design sense is very strong, did not lose big. Yuan Shanshan Yuan Shanshan, head of GlamEver TWINKLE EARRINGS balls collocation Star Earrings, fashion by age, a vintage denim dress in a white shirt, casual casual, aura foot. Cecilia Cheung Cecilia Cheung in the latest issue of the magazine cover is also wearing the earrings, nude dress highlights the graceful shape, Cougar full range of children. In particular, the eye YVMIN YVMIN studio is like a "body decoration laboratory" to explore all the body related beauty. The inspiration of the brand comes from the surreal space and the curiosity of the future world. Founder Zhang Xiaoyu is good at using new materials and new technology to create jewelry works, has a keen sense of perception and unique perspective. If you like the mysterious futuristic style accessories, we must not miss this brand. Yang Mi once when a lot of people, in addition to brush Yang Mi’s long legs, still brush a pair of earrings, that is that one has been down to the chest long earrings. Followed by Liu Shishi, Liu Shishi is also wearing a similar style, so the earrings were dug out and not from what the big, but the domestic independent designer brands YVMIN, Taobao only sold 680 yuan! You can also afford to buy. In addition to this one, the eyelash earrings are also very popular in their home. Many stars have also been wearing! Xun Zhou, Zhou Gongzai black and white dress collocation, especially YVMIN_Simulate Series Black Onyx teardrop silver eyelashes eyelashes earrings, smart cute. Tang Yan is also wearing this section of the Tang Yan, there is no lack of sweet taste. Joe Chen Joe Chen in "we have come to the" conference, white coat collocation word shoulder powder ball earrings, especially from YVMIN_P.E sports series. APM Monaco was founded in 1982, the first brand from Monaco. Logically speaking is not new相关的主题文章: