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.puters-and-Technology Unlike step up transformers that convert low voltage into high voltage, step down voltage converters act in opposite manner. They convert high voltage into low voltage to make high voltage into a more energy efficient and safer low voltage. Thus the current that flows into step down voltage transformer acts in an inverse way. Hence, they intake high voltage and provide low voltage as output voltage. These transformers do this function very effectively. However, you must know that transformers do not produce electricity, but they are effective equipments to control low and high voltage. On the other hand, there are voltage converters that convert low voltage into high voltage. But, there are places where people suffer both low and high voltage problems. Such low and high power problem can also be tackled with step up down voltage converter. This converter works both the jobs. With such converter you can change high voltage into low voltage and low voltage into high voltage. This is capable of doing both the functions very effectively. As we have told you that transformers dont produce electricity, they just control the flow of electric current and give only the required voltage of electricity. Thats why there is inverse relation between the input and output flow of electric current supplied by transformers. Apart from great use in home, Voltage Converter are very important for travelers. These electricity converters are very useful for the people who have to .mute into different countries of Asia, Europe and USA, because electric appliances of these continents work on different flow of current. Electric appliances made in USA intake 120 Volt, while electric appliances of Europe and Asia require 220 Volt for effective performance. That means, if you want to use appliances of America in Europe or Asia, you will have to use Step Down Transformer so that higher voltage can be brought down to 120 Volt. On the other hand, if you are an Asian traveler or a European traveler who has reached USA, you will need step up voltage converters to use appliances made in your country. But if you are living in such a place, where the flow of voltage is not regular, step up down voltage converter is all that you need for the safety of your equipments and home appliances. You can use this voltage converter for both the purposes. Besides, step up converters are also used for out door appliances such as portable light, tape recorder, CD player, video recorder, shaving razor etc. You can use these converter with battery of your vehicle also while on outdoor tour, because there are some specific models of such converters, which are capable of converting DC Voltage into AC Voltage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: