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Pets Being someone who paces themselves, youve finally got around to watching the classic 60s Hitchcock horror flick Psycho. Janet Leigh has just stepped into the shower in her room at the Bates Motel. The music swells in a spooky fashion. Just then, that darned dog begins barking at some imaginary squirrel outside your house. You were just about to soil yourself because of the movies tension. Now youre a little pissed that the mutt destroyed your fear karma. Shut up! you scream. Too late. The scariest point of the film has passed. Anyway, the dog thinks your likewise barking and starts yapping even more. The NoBark 6 This could fix any future televised entertainment from getting one-upped by the canine. Its a collar thats purpose is to quell the dogs yipping. With it you get a half-dozen stimulating settings that are programmed to start low and go high until the animal gets the message and stops .plaining. After the mutt quiets-down for a half-minute, the device automatically resets itself to the minimal setting. Included is a safety feature that turns itself off automatically so that the device doesnt go overboard. Its waterproof and runs off a lithium battery. .ing in sizes that range from 6-to-28 inches, it could actually be used on your pet pig to keep it from making the noise that a hog would utter. Electricity? Its Static The pup wont get a jolt of zzzzzable power. The NoBark 6 uses static electricity. The same snap you get when you walk across your carpet, then touch a metal doorknob. Its not re.mended that you keep the device on for more than 8-hours at a time. But while its engaged, when the dog exercises its voice, the NoBark 6 snaps into gear. It administers a reminder that yapping when its not necessary is unacceptable. Sure, you want the mutt to alert you if danger is afoot. But when friends .e to visit, or youre watching another movie that youd like to concentrate on, the collar is a big help. Again, we strongly remind you not to keep it around the pups neck for any extended period of time. But its great if you take your buddy on a trip, stay at a pet-friendly, non-Bates Motel and want to leave the dog behind while you and the spouse decide to hit one of the better restaurants in town. Use .mon Sense Repeating: This is not a device that should be used as a 24/7 collar. A couple of hours are fine, but back-off after about 8. Dont choke your pet with it. Leave a finger space between the collar and the mutts neck. Give it a little cleaning every now-and-then. Finally, most of the time its healthy to let a dog bark. So, dont overdo it. Think of it as an alternative to yelling Shut up! BTW, if youre concerned about the strength of the buzz, stick it around your neck and start barking. Yip until you reach level 6. Were sure youll see its quite humane. Just dont use it on your kids. Bad dad. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: