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UnCategorized Strayer University is a private educational institution in the United States. The university is headquartered in Arlington VA. There are 43 campuses under Strayer University and more than 27,000 students study there. The students study both on campus and online. Strayer University students are day scholars and there are no facilities for housing students. Middle States .mission on Higher Education accreditation is granted to Strayer University. History: The university was founded by Dr S Irving Strayer in Maryland in 1892 as a college and in 1998 was granted University status by the District of Columbia Education Licensure .mission. Strayer University started as a very small entity and has gradually grown and presently has campuses across the US. The following programs are offered at Strayer University: Associate in Arts in: Accounting, Acquisition and Contract Management, Business Administration, .puter Information Systems, .puter Networking – Microsoft – Windows 2000, Windows NT, Database Technology, Economics, General Studies, Information Systems, Internetworking Technology and Marketing. Bachelor programs: Bachelor of Business Administration in various fields namely Acquisition and Contract Management, Banking, E-Business, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Resources Management, Legal Studies, Management, Marketing and Retail Management Bachelor of Science in various fields like Accounting, .puter Information Systems, .puter Networking and related .puter fields. Masters Programs: Master of Business Administration in fields same as Bachelor of Business. Master of Education in fields like Educational Management and Technology in Education. Master of Science in fields like .munications Technology, Information Systems and related fields and Professional Accounting and related fields. Diploma Programs: Diploma in fields like Accounting, Acquisition and Contract Management .puter Information Systems and related fields, Internetworking Technology, Network Security and Web Development. Executive Graduate Certificate Programs: Executive Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and related fields, .puter Information Systems and related fields and Professional Accounting and related fields. Undergraduate Certificate Programs: Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting and related fields, Business Administration and related fields, .puter Information Systems and related fields. Financing: The tuition fee is as per the course. For undergraduate full time course (13.5 or more credit hours per quarter) $ 1,215 per course and for part time course (less than 13.5 credit hours per quarter) $1,285. All graduate programs are $1,630 per course. Financial assistance is available to students such as scholarships, active military duty scholarships, VA benefits, state and federal grants, loans and work study assistance etc. Classes: Classes are both online and on campus and a great amount of flexibility is available. Online classes can be live as well as recorder termed as synchronous and asynchronous classes. Students have the flexibility to choose timings and study online or on campus according to their schedule. Books are made available on line. Exams are conducted both online and on campus. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: