Strong brother camp Huatai Automobile SUV brothers help

Strong brother camp Huatai Automobile SUV brothers to help SUV is definitely the hottest star in China’s auto market models. If you mention SUV models of independent brands in early and good business, the Huatai Automobile will firmly appear in the list. In early 2006, the iconic models independent SUV – was born in Santa Fe Huatai automobile. 10 years of continuous development, and now has a different style of Huatai Automobile strong brother camp, which is Huatai Automobile SUV brothers help. The so-called brothers help, that is the nature of one heart and one mind. This is the Huatai Automobile SUV matrix has the common features: high cost and high quality. No matter is the most senior of the "classic Santa Fe", or "new comprehensive new Huan of the Santa Fe", to the pure electric SUV high-end SUV car city "treasure source" and represent the future of automobile energy development XEV260". Rich products not only adhering to the Huatai Automobile technology leader, according to the concept of precision, more accurately grasp the market demand, the product features of different styles, the SUV is composed of the product matrix of Huatai Automobile powerful and perfect. And this one, Santa Fe, new classic Santa Fe and 2016 Selig, but as the main models, by the market and consumers trust and love, to carry the banner of Huatai SUV three. Classic Santa Fe irreplaceable reputation from the trust of consumers in October 10, 2006, Huatai officially listed, with independent SUV models as the forerunner of the identity, with the days after the outbreak of the SUV market indelible outstanding contributions. As the popular advertising slogan "a diamond is forever, forever", Santa Fe Yu Huatai, just like a dazzling diamond, will always occupy an important position in the matrix model. 10 years of continuous development and improvement, once shook the altar of Santa Fe has a new name: Classic Santa fe. The classic two words as a bearing in the past not only a gilded signboard, brilliant, also become the basis to continue in the SUV market. Santa Fe classic design, is the atmosphere and elegance and storage, and there is no lack of masculine beauty. With full power line isolation hub smooth sense of vehicle hood, full of strength and impact. As a SUV model, the use of a large angle of the windshield, the driver provides a wide field of vision. And after all blend into one harmonious whole body lines, each detail design of head and body and tail of fusion, embodies the perfect harmony of the fully inclusive and equitable. In safety and space, Huatai Santa Fe also very classic. The classic Santa Fe unibody design, has the advantages of large interior space, smooth running safety. Let you in the pleasure of riding at the same time, also has a comfortable control experience. The spacious trunk up to 2100 liters, can easily meet the household and travel and other multi-faceted needs, safe and comfortable. Classic Santa Fe is the world’s 2 million users of the trust of the election, SUV enjoys the reputation of "Mack daddy". Huatai Automobile twelve years of professional SUV manufacturing the pursuit, honed over!相关的主题文章: