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Super elastic material 3D printing made of artificial bones: personalized bone graft source: global network of scientists point the day and await for it days before a high elastic biological material 3D printing artificial bone, spine and head injury animal successfully stimulate formation of new bone repair. This technology is expected to human trials within 5 years, personal bone graft point the day and await for it. Northwestern University research team published in the Journal of translational medicine, biological materials Bone (Hyper-Elastic, HB) research report. The report said that the super elastic bones are mostly made of ceramics, containing teeth and bones can be found in minerals and polymers. And generally expensive, too fragile to shape, and worry about rejection of bone graft, "super elastic skeleton" low price, can be printed out in many shapes, and in accordance with the requirements of cutting, folding, bonding, good elasticity and toughness, in the operation room can quickly and easily use. The research team will be "super elastic skeleton" transplanted to mouse spinal injuries, found that the "super elastic skeleton" fast and surrounding tissue fusion, bone regeneration, so as to promote mouse spinal fusion, this result makes considerable praise. Then, the team to print out the larger bones, skull repair broken a monkey hole. After 4 weeks, the wound recovered, no signs of infection or side effects were observed. The researchers hope to use this kind of artificial bone in the spine, teeth, reconstruction and bone surgery, for the patient to provide tailor-made bone transplantation.相关的主题文章: