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"Super express" to "variety" cover by the international film makers favor Sohu entertainment "super express" to "variety" Sohu cover entertainment news produced by KEMET film action comedy film "super express" have been identified will be released in December 2nd in the domestic film, recently in the American film market (AFM) has the first preview, successfully with many overseas countries and regions signed overseas sale agreement. In the meantime, the concept of the film poster also boarded the top of the United States authoritative entertainment media variety show cover. "Super express" tells the story of a courier in an express delivery parcel in the accident involved in an international war story, in the trailer and film posters released earlier, full of imagination and comedy story, cool blasting action scenes, gorgeous fashion, a large international art scene and the international line of popular star breakthrough comedy unfold. In addition to a comedy actor Chinese strength actor Chen, makeup goddess Song Ji Hyo, from France’s global Parkour founder David Baer is one of the film starring. In addition, Chen has starred in the movie "and" the adventure of the Chinatown Xiao Yang also starred in the film as a special wonderful debut, bring more surprise for the audience laugh. Starred in "go", tumor gentleman "struggle" films such as Li Yuan, Ang Lee Li Chun, senior director of He Saifei, Tai Zhiyuan and xicco recently in the "sparrow" in the eye-catching performance of the Kan Qingzi on film give a surprise performance. As KEMET pictures produced the action comedy, the film was director of photography Alain Duplantier ("4" action, come straight to the point) Cui Dongxian ("quick" and "end"), Pascal Le Guellec (art director "," illegal "deadly" Tehran) and other Hollywood master behind the team, this it will undoubtedly become the film’s quality assurance.相关的主题文章: