Supermarket farce…… How many children were destroyed in the above – Sohu maternal and child

Supermarket farce…… How many children are destroyed in the above – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual two days ago and bestie with children in the supermarket, the goods under the temptation of a superb collection of beautiful things, children are particularly excited. Daughter in each phase of a commodity, will seek my advice in advance, I agree, she will take it up into the shopping cart. And her daughter has one of the biggest features, no matter how much she likes snacks or toys, as long as each one. Bestie saw say: "your daughter is very sensible, you see my this, see what get what, don’t let it take you to SAPO play to depend on, don’t know her age, she will not know better?" Bestie daughter one year younger than my daughter, but I do not think to buy you this thing, and never mind the size of children. In order to let the child reasonable shopping, you have to let the children understand what money is a commodity, goods are bought with money, and make money, how is it an easy thing to do? When my daughter just walked, I took her to the supermarket, she and a lot of children, like to see what to take, the demand for goods is no concept. If I put her goods back to the shopping rack, she will be a little emotional. I remember one time my daughter took two boxes of cookies, I told her that biscuits too dry, eat more of the throat is not good, can only take a box, the daughter did not want to cry. At this time, next to an old lady said to me: "you have to make the child cry, not expensive, buy her." "No, aunt, I can’t keep up with her." Daughter is still crying, I said to her daughter: "if you still cry, then, do not buy a box oh! Today, my mother took just enough money to buy a box of · · · · · · then, daughter gradually stopped crying, then the daughter of money has a vague concept, she knew the cookies with money to exchange for, when the money is not enough, there is no way to get more the biscuit, never cried tears is of no use. From the supermarket, the old lady just happened to meet her in the crowd, pointing to me, but also with the people around said: "this is a small daughter-in-law, a box of biscuits, a child crying like that, are not willing to buy. My grandson, to what I have bought for him, the grandson of the school, the light of learning machine I bought him a few, we can not let the children when the parents feel poorer than others · · · · · · "frankly, I heard this sentence, not often angry. Only in the education of children, why should impose a gap between rich and poor? Because she is an old man, he was embarrassed to choke. Come apart, in life do not know how many children destroyed in the comparisons with the adults in vain. A small child, crying to buy this buy that, we can meet; when the children, to change, to all kinds of luxury goods when painting相关的主题文章: