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Sweet persimmon baby Meng Da – Sohu tourism autumn harvest season, two weeks on the production planning of hawthorn and suffered Tomatoes on sticks, hawthorn rain, persimmon picking this week Qushan ditch ditch. Picking persimmons is a must for the year. Last year the red lantern eight beauty snow, snow in persimmon picking is also very classic, such as snow and time to pick persimmons. Because the haze raging, the event almost wasted. The mountain air is better, but there is no blue sky and white clouds. The activities of several small adorable treasure, go ah SA ying. Rich expression, very cute. Climbing. Bald strong. Artifact is indispensable. I picked it up in the tree, and my father and I were under the tree. Waiting for the whereabouts of persimmon. Help transport persimmon. The children lined up to pass the persimmon. Some soft can eat directly. Persimmon is very sweet. A feeling of labor. Cooperation between father and daughter. Squatting to eat more sweet. Persimmon success. Partial labor results. The nature of the porter. Small game friends picking away food. This new stuff, but the weather is cold, not enough suction. Big photo. More photos: 1029 original autumn to Hawthorn in Yinshan 1023 parent-child gourd custom 101 Linzhi autumn harvest of shame Jurchen Yan 813 grassland mining mushroom camping barbecue picnic barbecue camping 88 private custom prairie mushroom picking swimming 716 drunk beauty to the town of Baikal at the beginning of 69 dragon boat crossing the prairie parent-child baptism across Tallinn to catch the ball 58 515 silver crazy primitive caving 430 desert I come 51 Kubujisha through one of the 424 adorable baby line photo 423 the Great Wall the Great Wall leisurely tour 417 apricot flowers flowers beautiful adorable children on foot Play music 43 of the Cloud View Linzhi spring snow 327 city tours bloom mountains tread the ice 2015 blog farewell children 2015 to celebrate the 2016 children相关的主题文章: