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Arts-and-Entertainment Nowadays, you dont even have to leave the .fort of your own home to get a cinema-like viewing experience when watching TV. You can see all of your favourite programmes and films in high definition and you can get exceptional sound systems that make the experience all the more real. Whether you have an advanced cinema system at home or you are thinking about investing in one in the future, one thing you certainly cant do without is a Bluray player. When played through a .patible HD TV, Bluray discs can give you clearer and sharper pictures that can even bring re-mastered classic films up to date. One of the most appealing facts about the Bluray disc is that is can hold up to five times more data when .pared to a DVD, which is why films can be of such high quality. The discs are read with a blue laser rather than a red one (which is used for DVDs) and this allows more data to be stored. Many people are sceptical about whether the Bluray really is better than the DVD in terms of viewing though, but just five minutes of watching a Bluray film will show you the differences. You will get a crisper image and when watching re-mastered productions they will look absolutely perfect, so your favourite films can be brought back to life in a way you never thought possible. The price of Bluray players has .e down considerably in recent years, so you can now get yourself one without having to spend too much money. You will also need to get a HD ready TV if you havent already got one, and a HDMI cable to link your TV and Bluray player together. Along with this though, you are going to want to start building up your Bluray collection. Though you will be able to play regular DVDs on your Bluray player, they wont have that crisp, clear image you are after. Right now, some of the bestsellers on the Bluray lists include the film remake of John le Carr’s espionage novel ‘Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy’; the novel-to-film adaptation of David Nicholls’ ‘One Day’, romantic .edy ‘Friends with Benefits’ which stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, and the thriller ‘Drive’, starring the famous Ryan Gosling. There are also a number of up.ing Bluray releases that you can preorder to ensure you get your copy as soon as it is available. Look onli.o preorder The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn, Hugo and Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: