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The streets of Taipei encounter "Qi Dongshi homes" – Taiwan Channel – original title: Taipei Street encounter "Jidong poetry homes" reporter from the former residence of Li Guoding came out, the world began to rain. On the way to the MRT station, at a crossroads, "Ding" met "Jidong poetry homes". This is the 2 section of Ji’nan Road, Taipei, No. 25, hanging at the door, Qi Dongshi homes, the brand, the door open. Into the door, the left and right sides of a Japanese style house, toward the right side of the door to push a light. The entrance of a department staff immediately went up, let the original signature, is being held in a lecture room. Sure enough about poetry. Readily launched the Qi Dongshi homes profile, a line of characters jumped into the eye: the revival of poetry base. The staff thought the reporter was to listen to lectures on the poetry of the lovers of literature, and a single handed propaganda, writing above: Qidong sky is poetry. The lecture is the place of Japanese "tatami", a dozen people sat on the floor, listening to a university in Taiwan called the "new poetry teacher Kunhua solution dimensions: silent picture, sound poetry". Originally, this is one of the Jidong poetry homes in October, to be held every Saturday. Browse other three seminar topics, "hands of fantasy, realism, meditation and game Quartet — modern poetry creation experience", "looking for the truncated image" and "poetry, film, dance and Drama — poetry through multiple". Solution to the "new dimension" in the "new dimension", Van Gogh played two paintings by APP. Through the window, the sky outside is still raining and the ground is wet. Thus, the reporter on the scene about the Qi Dongshi homes, research assistant, interview with Cai Peilin. In the conference room, Cai Baolai a stack of information, are on the "Qi Dongshi house". In 2009, after the two Ji’nan road section of the Japanese house after the renovation of several buildings, when he was Taiwan’s minister of culture Long Yingtai named it "Jidong poetry homes, for management and planning exhibition by the Taiwan Museum of literature, at the same time to promote the" poetry Renaissance "plan. Three years since 2014 to promote the creation of poetry communication. Cai Peilin said that since 2014, "Jidong poetry homes have been held more than and 100 lectures, Zheng Chouyu, Yu Guangzhong, and other famous poets have tube has taught here; and this year has also hosted a poetry festival, to several poets, such as Jiang Tao, a North Island, munk. "Qi Dongshi house" in July 31, 2014 officially opened and opening up. One of the two houses of the poetry house, one for poetry exchange seminars, seminars, workshops, and the other for poetry. For example, the opening day of the exhibition of Taiwan Literature Museum of poet and writer of poetry manuscripts. "The poem of the Renaissance" plan also includes hosting "poetry bud Award", "Poems of travel" and other activities, and a private enterprise funds support. Long Yingtai had hoped, let "Jidong poetry house" the poem from the edge to the center". On Saturday afternoon the second field is the "modern poetry seminar", the speaker is Professor Liao Xianhao. He is Taiwan famous poet and critic, served as director of Taiwan, foreign language department director of the Taipei Municipal Cultural bureau. Liao’s workshops are more attractive and involved相关的主题文章: