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Taiwan influenza epidemic, many deaths, some primary school closed Kindergarten – Sohu news Xinhua Taipei February 24 (reporter He Zili Wang Yunjia) influenza epidemic rage across Taiwan, has led to many deaths. Taiwan health department in charge of preparing for adult vaccination, education department also started closed and other preventive measures. In recent days, the reporter saw in the streets of Taipei, "mask family" there is a trend?. Information from major hospitals in Taipei also shows that the number of flu patients is 2 more than usual. In Kaohsiung, the City Board of education for the prevention of campus flu epidemic, 24 orders within 1 days of the city’s schools with 1 class 1 / more than 5 students with the flu, the whole class should be closed for 1 weeks. The education bureau pointed out that there are 29 classes of 12 schools and 1 kindergartens in the city were closed due to flu since January this year, the number of patients with up to 969 people. According to statistics, since July 1, 2015 this year, as of February 22nd this year, a total of 771 influenza cases with severe cases have been identified, including 69 deaths; the main epidemic is still A type H1N1 influenza, accounting for about 7 of the total, and the middle-aged and young people become the main invasive population. Taiwan’s disease control department ", the latest statistics released before the flu virus last week, with 320 new cases with severe cases, the highest in nearly 5 years to the highest single week new data, H1N1 influenza virus that many middle-aged patients with severe. Huang Limin, of the National Taiwan University Hospital, said the flu epidemic was particularly serious this year because several key factors were available. This is the H3N2, H1N1, B Vitoria strain, Yamagata strains influenza viruses together with outbreaks, the weather has been cold, winter is not obvious, when new year holidays, always on the move, tourism activities are more frequent, contributing to the spread of the virus. Zhou Zhihao, deputy director of the Department of disease control, said there were 14 cases of influenza related deaths last week, ranging from 4 to 85 years old, 9 men and 5 women, who did not receive influenza vaccine, and 12 of them had chronic history. He said that the current major influenza virus strain is A type H1N1 influenza, accounting for 7. Since July last year, 771 severe influenza cases, 69 deaths, 95% critically ill patients did not receive influenza vaccine. Therefore, this year for more than 50 years old people eligible to be free of charge vaccination, the fastest starting in October this year. Taiwan education authorities said 24 days, counties and cities can be based on the relevant provisions of infectious disease prevention and control, according to local conditions, decided whether the closure of primary and secondary schools. There are no closed standards in tertiary institutions.

台湾流感肆虐多人死亡 部分小学幼儿园停课-搜狐新闻  新华社台北2月24日电(记者何自力 王昀加)流行性感冒肆虐全台,已导致多人死亡。台湾卫生主管部门着手准备对青壮年施打疫苗,教育主管部门也开始启动停课等防预措施。   连日来,记者在台北街头看到,“口罩族”有?加趋势。来自台北主要医院的信息也表明,因流感看诊的人数比平日多2成。   在高雄,市教育局为防范校园流感疫情,24日通令全市各校1天内同1班级1/5以上学生感染流感,全班级宜停课1周。教育局指出,今年1月以来全市共有12所中小学及1所幼儿园的29个班级因流感停课,罹病人数达969人。   据统计,本流感季自2015年7月1日以来,截至今年2月22日已累计771名流感并发重症确定病例,其中69名死亡;疫情主要仍以A型H1N1流感为主,约占7成,且中壮年成主要受侵袭族群。   台湾“疾病管制署”日前公布流感疫情最新统计,上周流感并发重症病例新增320例,创近5年来单周新增数据的最高纪录,H1N1流感病毒让许多中壮年患者患重症。   台大医院的黄立民表示,今年流感疫情特别严重是因为几个关键因素都齐备。今年是H3N2、H1N1、B型维多利亚株、山形株多种流感病毒一并暴发,加上天气一直冷,暖冬现象不明显,碰上年节假期、南来北往,旅游观光活动频仍,更助长病毒传播。   “疾管署”副署长周志浩表示,上周有14例经审查与流感相关死亡病例,年龄介于4到85岁,9男、5女,都没有接种流感疫苗,其中12例有慢性病史。   他说,目前主要的流感病毒株是A型H1N1流感,占7成。去年7月至今已有771名流感重症,69例死亡,95%重症患者没有接种流感疫苗。因此今年争取50岁以上民众符合资格就能公费接种,最快今年10月起。   台湾教育主管部门24日表示,各县市可依据传染病防治相关规定,因地制宜,决定辖下中小学是否要停课。大专院校部分,目前没有停课标准。相关的主题文章: