Taiwan public opinion and experts no 92 consensus on the island will continue to fight ca1810

Taiwan media and experts: there is no "92 consensus" on the island will continue to struggle constantly – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Taipei, September 13 (reporter Liu Gang Xu Xueyi) following the September 3rd outbreak of the military and government for the first time after the parade, Taiwan 12, and the emergence of the tourism industry "for the first time" to take to the streets in protest. The media and experts interviewed agreed that the DPP does not recognize the "92 consensus", resulting in cross-strait relations affect the turbulent, the livelihood of all walks of life, the future will also have expressed dissatisfaction with the more groups on the streets. In 12, the tourism industry "survival" demands, the Taiwan authorities in advance throws such as 30 billion yuan (NT, the same below) preferential loans hasty fire". Public opinion has clearly pointed out that the authorities do not buy it, behind the wrong prescription is still refusing to "92 consensus" mentality. "China Times" to "fool, the problem in the source, not in the loan" in the comments pointed out that the administrative body put forward 30 billion yuan low interest loans, as if the patient had cancer, but the doctor out of a cold medicine. The tourism industry the biggest current plight is not tourists, as long as the steady development of cross-strait relations, Lu guest group to restore the "5? 20" before the boom, all the problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. Land passenger group does not come, no amount of low interest loans can not hold much longer. Comments pointed out that the first time the tourists took to the streets, the direct impact of the leaders of the authorities do not recognize the plight of the Straits under the 92 consensus. This not only led to its low opinion polls, the people are more directly affected, and even have problems eating. To solve the plight of Taiwan, that is hard, Cunhu Taiwan leader in one. "United Daily News" editorial also pointed out that mainland tourists do not come, the main reason is the Taiwan authorities do not recognize the 92 consensus, resulting in cross-strait relations turn cold. Mainland tourists to Taiwan this year will be reduced by 650 thousand people, it is estimated that Taiwan will reduce foreign exchange earnings of $36 billion. Now, the administrative authorities deliberately do not mention the issue of tourists, but to dig out 30 billion yuan relief, which is worth the reduction in tourism revenue in Taiwan? And the industry had rescued as pressing danger? To tourists, this is simply to bail out, please take the ghost list. "Wang reported" the commentary pointed out that the new authorities of the cross-strait issue attitude is very firm, only the "status quo" no "92 consensus", 000 tourism industry "survival" in consideration of which demands. In fact, ten thousand businessmen took to the streets, on behalf of the ten thousand families are facing economic pressure. This is just a prelude to the disintegration of the industry, the attendant will have direct flights affected the aviation industry, the lack of mainland tourists consumption support services. The article questioned the DPP authorities can really move to maintain the status quo hit the world? September has not yet more than half, the island has been a spate of two massive street protests. In this regard, the respondents agreed that the Taiwan experts, there is no 92 consensus, similar protests will continue to appear. Shao Zonghai, executive director of the Taiwan Chinese Culture University to promote cross strait relations research center, said the leaders of the Taiwan authorities promised to allow the status quo before the cross-strait relations, including the tourism industry will not be affected. But now the situation has changed, the fundamental reason is that the new authorities do not recognize the 92 consensus". Two.相关的主题文章: