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Marketing Corporate Video has always been the poor relation in the media world, Id even go as far to say it is a dirty word, frowned upon by the glamour twins a film and TV. Its not without justification as for a period of time videos for business looked tired, staid and stuffy. Without doubt, trying to convey corporate messages, product demonstrations and business benefits does not readily lend itself to dynamic visual image. Yet, surely the days of the static shot, the ill at ease CEO babbling to camera and the plummy English voice-over should be as obsolete as betamax. So how do we take what are sometimes .plex pieces of information and create slick, fun, and spectacular moving image work? A good starting point is to find out the end use of the video. Over 90% of the work we are now .missioned to produce is for online viewing. This is allowing for a huge creative scope due to the popularity of the viral video and its impact through social media sites. While a viral video is no guarantee that people will buy products or services one thing they will most certainly do is to directly and indirectly drive traffic to websites. Another problem with old style corporate video is the length. They just go on and on and on. We now live in a society of immediacy where everything is consumed in bite size chunks. Corporate Video is no exception. We tend to advise on an upper limit of three minutes per video. Statistics back this up with online viewing figures showing that a person will watch a video on average for 2.3 minutes. With overall online video consumption up by over 13% on last year. Which only goes to show the importance of video. The advent of the DSLR camera has also changed the way corporate video can look. No longer do we have to use interlaced images with cameras whose lens capacity is limited. Images can now look sexy, stand up to more pushing around in post and give corporate films a more cinematic or personal quality. The big factor for us though is creativity. Ideas are what make corporate video an exciting arena to be working in. As more and more people cross pollinate skills we are finding some wonderful examples of inventive and engaging corporate video from a variety of business sectors. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: