Teasing the birds an image representation of brainstorming poper

"Funny bird biography": the expression of a brainstorming image An Dongwen Sina entertainment news, "where am I from?" When a child begins to think so deep existential problems, Chinese parents estimate will say that you are to pick up, or that you are planing out from under the bed. This movie will teach you a "foreign" rhetoric: my child, you are delivered by storks. Yes, this is the movie "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure before. This white, long mouth of the bird, every day to send their children to the peak from Songzi to thousands of households. For the domestic audience, is not difficult to understand the stems, difficult is that in such a film full of childlike innocence set the story more and more Sapoer, from office politics, to the family comedy, from the wilderness to survive, deformation of wolves, just like a brainstorming image expression, too many elements, is too messy. The original story also makes BUG more and more, so that in the end all like to mess, not to twist the synthesis of a force, in general, a visual spectacle, but compared to the beginning of the "crazy animal", "fantasy city forest", can really concentrate on one thing to say. That good-looking. The movie begins, Songzi stork introduced changes in the junior group, Songzi stork peak head saw the express business prospects, then abandoned the tradition for hundreds of years of traditional Songzi, change to send goods, Songzi also followed into the peak of logistics system similar to the Amazon like, all the storks have become a nine to five express little brother, work, work, passing each other will exchange one or two lounge gossip, just like a bird version of the modern company. When the boss suddenly found Junior revealed to his successor, the simple words by the boss such a vocal cord vibration, there are like the destruction of the earth, and no wonder, for an ordinary stork, promotion is really a bird so exciting but again. But Junior, the first thing to do is to stay in the fire, eighteen years eighteen years as one day, like every day in a human girl, Xiao yu. Originally, eighteen years ago in an accident, then baby Yu to be stranded in the peak of songzi. Eighteen years later, the birds grew up in the little girl in the hard, just imagine his companion, you can fly to some day in the future, express delivery. However, to fire an employee easier said than done? Good Junior is not playing "in the cloud" in George Clooney’s layoffs experts like that road, facing a small depression, it wouldn’t NiuNiuNieNie the malicious words. Think also, red hair small Yu even in human society must also be scorned, not to mention the stork which lives in a group. Really not malicious heart, Junior can only hide the boss Xiao Yu placed in the mailroom room of a disused story, so there is a variable. If we say that the stork Songzi primer is fantasy, the next movie really enter the brain hole explosion mode, various elements are mixed in, in different cross clues, the movie is more and more difficult to sort out their own logic, or that it simply forget about the logic, singing and dancing, wolves can even change)相关的主题文章: