Ten Things You Need For Walking In The Peak District Woods-ricky lee neely

Outdoors 1.Wear strong but .fortable footwear. They need to give you a good grip, shouldn’t break easily and most importantly need to be waterproof. The sun might be shining in the early hours of the day, chances are you might be walking in the rain .e tea time. Even if it stays sunny, you could still be walking through puddles and through streams that have burst their banks. Just leave those summer shoes in your holiday cottage ! 2.Wear good quality socks inside your shoes. If you don’t want to spoil your holiday you better wear socks that fit, as bear feet or ill fitting socks will cause painful blisters. 3.Make sure you wear a waterproof jacket with a hood or carry it. As you can not rely on the weather, you have to make sure you stay dry and warm. 4.Use proven technology: take a good map and a .pass, don’t rely on your GPS. Make sure you know where you are as the deep valleys are black spots on the mobile phone coverage map. 5.Trousers will give great protection, so wear them. Twigs and branches won’t hurt you and you’ll stay dry and warm wearing them. There might not be too many mosquitos and midges, it’s best to make sure you’re protected. 6.The sun might not be shining that brightly, it’ll be best to slap on sun cream and to wear a hat and sunglasses. The higher up on the hills you are, the more protection you’ll need. Just in case mosquitos tend to bite you, put on some anti-mosquito spray. 7.Water is vital when you’re out there. Take some. A thermos flask with a hot drink might be a good idea in winter. Whether youre staying in simple ac.modation, a hotel or luxury holiday rentals UK, you should find a container for carrying some basic sandwiches if so, pack some food, as its unlikely youll stumble across a pub at lunchtime. 8.Make sure you have spare clothes with you to keep warm and dry when you might need them. 9.If you’re setting off on a long trek, make sure you have an emergency pack with you. This should contain a whistle, a torch, some sugary food and a waterproof sleeping bag. And it is useful to have some plasters, antseptic and a bandage ready when you might need it. 10.You will need your camera. The Peak District is one of the most photogenic areas in the country, there is always something worth snapping, regardless of the weather. You’ll find plenty of walking guides for the Peak District and there are even holiday .panies to plan your walking trips. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: