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Tesla entered the car sharing market challenge yuho Reuters reported that Tesla Motors said on the official website today to launch car sharing service, a detailed plan will be announced next year. In July this year, Tesla CEO musk first proposed the blueprint. Tesla issued a disclaimer on the new Model S fully automatic driving function. Mask said that Tesla is being developed with the necessary software to drive the car automatically, but so far the necessary software has not been developed. Disclaimer that can provide car and carpool service for the owners of family and friends self driving cars Tesla, but if it is for the purpose of profit, must be carried out in the Tesla on the network, the details will be announced next year. Tesla CEO musk in July release of the blueprint for the future planning of car sharing system were outlined: customers can use mobile phone client will Tesla Tesla team join the private car to increase revenue, reduce the cost of car ownership for. Mask also pointed out that Tesla will build its own fleet in less private cars in the city. Barclays bank analyst Brian Johnson wrote a statement to investors on Thursday, pointing out that although Tesla networks may stimulate the market to gain profits, but the implementation of this proposal will cost huge sums of money. "Although we are optimistic about the future market carpooling and car service, but for the automotive original manufacturer organization team of certain financial risks." Car manufacturers flocked investment mobile service, providing popular services through the production of automobile, and then a slice in the trillions of dollars worth of market share, a space for one person in mobile service market dominated by Uber. According to Reuters analysis, in the past ten years, venture capitalists and corporate investors in the field of car travel invested about $28 billion. One of GM’s highest bet, in January this year, invested $500 million Lyft. Relevant managers told Reuters, GM’s upcoming Chevrolet Bolt is designed for car sharing. However, at a loss of Tesla has no GM strong financial background, can not be like Uber and Lyft car travel service company for a large number of control area for burn. In order to compete for control of the region, car travel companies spending up to billions of dollars, and China’s trip before the merger of the merits of the step is a good example.相关的主题文章: