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Patience is the test of 5 muskmelon that year for the 4 coach 3 manager 1 31 year old president of muskmelon began to consider you to stay or go sina sports news Beijing time on February 24th, according to ESPN reports, Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Nicks team has just 5th anniversary, but lost to the Raptors after yesterday, Anthony admitted that his patience is experiencing huge challenge. "It’s tough, it’s challenging," Anthony said after the game. "It’s very challenging to be strong and positive in all of this." Since being traded to the Nicks team, Anthony has gone through four coaches and three general managers, plus a team president (Phil – Jackson). "You can’t control that," Anthony said. "When you look back at the past few years, how many coaches have you changed? Four different coaches, and a lot of players. I mean, you have to go through a lot of things." After Nicks lost to Raptors yesterday, they had lost 8 games in nearly 9 games, and when Nicks’s locker room opened after the match, Anthony couldn’t wait to be interviewed by the media. This is rare, because Anthony usually waits for an interview after the end of treatment. But this time, he wanted to finish the interview quickly, and then go home and sort out his thoughts. "My thoughts?" "Yes, I need to go home and relax and relieve the pressure," Anthony said. Anthony is in the 5 year of the 124 million year big contract for second years. The contract contains a veto, and Anthony has repeatedly stressed how much he wants to stay in Nicks. However, the 31 year old star is more eager to win the championship, but his team may have missed the playoffs for three consecutive years. "Regardless of the record, losing it, accepting it, but it’s really hard to accept," Anthony said. "You can’t be satisfied with losing." (Rosen)

甜瓜坦承耐心正受考验 5年换4教练3经理1总裁 31岁的甜瓜开始考虑去或者留   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月24日,据ESPN报道,卡梅罗-安东尼被交易到尼克斯队已经正好五周年,但是昨天负于猛龙队之后,安东尼承认他的耐心正在经受巨大的考验。   “这很艰难,很有挑战性,”安东尼在赛后说道,“经历这一切的过程中,保持坚强和积极是很有挑战性的。”   自从被交易到尼克斯队以来,安东尼已经经历了四任主教练和三任总经理,再加一位球队总裁(菲尔-杰克逊)。   “你无法控制这些,”安东尼说,“当你回顾一下过去几年,换了多少主教练了?四位不同的主教练,还有许许多多的球员。我的意思是,你得经历很多事情。”   昨天尼克斯负于猛龙之后,他们已经输掉了近9场比赛里的8场,而当赛后尼克斯队的更衣室打开之后,安东尼就迫不及待地想要接受媒体的采访。   这种情况很罕见,因为安东尼通常会等到治疗结束之后再接受采访。但这一次,他希望快点接受完采访,然后回家理清思绪。   “我的思绪?是的,我需要回家休息,并缓解一下压力,”安东尼说道。   安东尼正处在那份5年1.24亿美元大合同的第二年。这份合同里包含了交易否决权,而安东尼多次强调他多么希望留在尼克斯。然而这位31岁的球星更渴望赢得总冠军,但是他的球队可能连续三年无缘季后赛。   “无论战绩如何,不断地输球,接受它,但是真的很难接受,”安东尼说道,“你对输球无法感到满意。”   (罗森)相关的主题文章: