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The 12 round of World Cup Asian country foot VS Qatar looking forward and forecast – Sohu sports information Beijing time on November 15, 2016 (Tuesday) 19:35 against the history of the last 6 of the tournament, the Orangemen 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative recent record (from the left, from near to far Chinese) a flat negative negative negative wins wins: – Qatar the ball is not predicting the flyover country foot, see Lippi how to make fun of what little mud. Really, this game, don’t expect too much, it’s players have been accustomed to rely on inertia, foreign aid, foreign aid is the control of the ball, and then to make a match, play very well, when there is no foreign aid, closing down, there is no way to control the ball down, don’t say it with the. Lippi’s psychological magic is to find ways to make the country are accustomed to the field without foreign aid only, but the ability is still limited. Do not over optimistic about Lippi coach of the national foot. It is entirely possible that 1-0 won or lost 0-1, without penalty, red, oolong, a ball victory on both sides of the battle of life and death compared with cautious feeling. However, if the foot can hit the goal in the door frame more than 5 times, then the small series on the receipt of the. You do not be surprised, what 5 times so simple. Hit the goal, to know the first 4 games of the 12 race, the first match against South Korea China best of Iran 3 times, 1 times, Syria 1 times, 2 times of uzbekistan. To know the 40 game, Perrin took the country to the foot of Qatar, the formation of a hit in the 4, but unfortunately 0-1 lost, and Gao Hongbo with the country to win the 2-0 soft Qatar, only hit the. So to form 5 hits, thankfully, something. Please don’t you also pay more attention to the small message number, provide all kinds of football information, forward-looking and predictive focus of the game, if the one or two days no more, we do not cancel the attention oh. In addition some games simply didn’t write prospective forecast, and forecast the number of public concern, WeChat small: qiudaoer, in the menu, enter the keyword query field.相关的主题文章: