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The 8 team won the twelfth China Club Cup Challenge finals – Beijing Xiamen Yang Fushan photo Beijing September 18 Xinhua (reporter Yang Fushan) known as "the first mainland China galleon challenge" Twelfth "China Club Cup Sailing challenge, 18 in Xiamen, the end of the first stage of events. After 3 days of the race track race, eight team finals to win the talent shows itself. On the evening of 18, the Organizing Committee announced that the season has just released the first stage site in Xiamen, Jboats Racing Team, blue team, with the club team, Xiamen University jiepeng sailing team, the old boys dream team, Xiamen City University, Yunnan ZhengXin tire team Fuxianhu sail fleet, whitecaps Sailing Center sailing teams 8 sailing team score the top eight winning tickets, participate in the finals. 30 teams from across the country participated in the first stage of the tournament venue (preliminary). That night, the event also awarded a number of awards, including the social group first: Xiamen University jiepeng sailing team, second: Yunnan Fuxian Lake sailing team, third: Whitewater Sailing Center sailing team; sports group first name: Jboats Racing Team, second: Third: the blue team, with the team and women’s Club; the women’s sailing team champion Luther and total score of the first Jboats Racing Team, second: Third: the blue team, with the club. By the Xiamen sailing yacht Sports Association, Xiamen media group, Xiamen Lake SDIC Tourism Investment Co., CO sponsored by institutions such as the double star? BMW title sponsor of the challenge this year, the world’s most famous game "America" World Cup "on tour" tournament play, hired to judge Sydney – Hobart Regatta Chairman John Rountree arbitration and the America’s Cup referee Wanye Boberg for arbitration, is currently Chinese mainland competition rules for most complex events. This event marks the Xiamen encounter "Meranti" typhoon hit, the 30 regatta in 11 severely damaged. But the Organizing Committee on Dinglixiangzhu many Xiamen yacht company, took a day to assemble 11 ship relatively intact boat, protection of all participating fleet participating. "Chinese Club Cup Sailing challenge since 2005 by the founder of Xiamen ironrock sailing club in Xiamen, is the first mainland China folk organized sailing events. Since the event held for 11 sessions, participants received a total of about three thousand people, to promote the development of Xiamen Wuyuan Bay sailing yacht industry. (end)相关的主题文章: