The 84 draft! The myth of Qiao Dancheng 96 and the 03 and two generation nightmare Sohu Sports k-boxing

The 84 draft! Not broken the myth of Qiao Dancheng 96 and 03 two generation nightmare – Sohu in everybody in sports for the 96 and 03 generation which won more when there is a chatter without stop, the two generation of superstars to look the attitude of watching and difficult to go beyond the shadow in front of them. It is NBA for the first time in history really known as the golden generation of the 1984 draft. The class of 84 strong is not produced like Jordan one of the best in the history of the NBA superstar, but in his super strength under the drive of the league are showing almost the bloodthirsty desire to compete — everyone knows that Jordan is still alive in the era, if not stronger, it can only go home fishing. In fact, in 90s the basketball is considered the most prosperous, is also the most brutal period, because Jordan is from the hands of the piston the bad boys took the championship layout. And after that although no 80s the Celtics, the Lakers and pistons rage, but because Jordan brings out the unbelievable superstar. Whether it is sad Reggie Miller, two pass with the title of Malone and Stockton, or the four centers were tightly suppressed. Jordan’s greatness is not only himself in that era solo, but actually has led to an epic age of strife. Until the period of Jordan two three championships, two years time nap, Olajuwon this just by virtue of strong strength and luck, to steal two championship rings. The 84 session of the super rookie on now, no history of NBA superstar, are the top figures of each position clear. But these stars, in trying to walk side by side with Jordan, he is often too difficult to suppress the rise. In fact, after Jordan, the emergence of numerous so-called successor of Jordan, one of the many figures 96 and 03 gold generation are considered likely to inherit the mantle of Jordan. However, Iverson was too wild and intractable, leading to early fall, and even Kobe can Months and years pass by. support up to now, it still stays in the five Championship achievement. Even if it is as strong as Kobe, with such a legendary life and unbelievable teammate "pan", can not go beyond Jordan’s performance. The 03 session of the James, Wade and Anthony, has also been known as the successor of Jordan. However, Wade and Anthony are beginning to show its age, most likely close to the player is James Kobe. Now the "emperor" but only two championship only, we must face the strong rise of the He Wannian Dynasty Warriors of old San Antonio, he want to go beyond Jordan, we must first of all to Kobe’s achievements as a benchmark. But as can be imagined is that Jordan will become the 96 session and the 03 session of the shadow, compared with the greatest player in history, their success is a bit young. The passage of time has brought the change of different time, since the 84 generation of gold after have appeared in the 96 and 03 generation of gold, which is another kind of competition brought by the changes of the development of the times. But in the 2015 draft.)

84届选秀!不可破的神话 乔丹成96与03两代噩梦-搜狐体育   就在众人都在为96与03究竟哪一代更强而争得喋喋不休时,总会有一个这两代超级巨星都持着仰望的态度观望着、并且难以超越的阴影笼罩在他们的面前。那是NBA历史上的第一次真正被誉为黄金一代的1984年选秀大会。   84届新秀的强大并不是出产了乔丹这样一个NBA历史上最出色的超级巨星,而是在他超强的实力的带动下,整个联盟都呈现出几乎嗜血的竞争欲望来――谁都知道在乔丹还活着的时代,如果不变得更强,那就只有回家钓鱼的份儿。   事实上,上世纪90年代的篮球之所以被认为是最鼎盛、也是最残酷的时期,就是因为乔丹是从活塞的坏孩子军团手中夺来的冠军版图。而那之后虽然不再有80年代凯尔特人、湖人和活塞的狂暴,但却因为乔丹而催生出众多不可思议的超级巨星。   无论是悲情的雷吉-米勒,两度与冠军擦肩而过的马龙和斯托克顿,亦或是被死死压制住的四大中锋。乔丹的伟大并不只是他一个人在那个时代的独舞,而是真正引领了一场史诗级别的纷争年代。直到乔丹两个三连冠期间,打盹的这两年时间里,奥拉朱旺这才凭借极强的实力和运气,偷到两枚总冠军戒指。   将当年84届的超级新秀放在如今,无一不是NBA历史级的超级巨星,都是各个位置上当仁不让的顶级人物。但就是这些巨星,在试图跟乔丹并排走的时候,往往会被他打压得难以抬头。   事实上在乔丹之后,也涌现过无数的所谓乔丹接班人,其中96和03黄金一代的众多人物都被认为有可能继承乔丹的衣钵。然而艾弗森过于桀骜不驯,导致早早陨落,而科比即便是能够长年累月支撑到现在,也依然停留在五个总冠军的成就上。哪怕是强如科比,拥有着如此传奇的人生和不可思议的队友的“飞侠”,也无法超越乔丹的成绩。   而03届的詹姆斯、韦德和安东尼,也曾被誉为是乔丹接班人。只不过,韦德和安东尼都开始呈现老态,最有可能接近科比的球员便是詹姆斯。如今的“皇帝”只不过仅有两个总冠军而已,就要直面强势崛起的勇士王朝和万年不老的马刺,他想要超越乔丹,首先就必须要以科比的成就作为标杆。   但可想而知的是,乔丹必然会成为96届和03届的阴影,与历史上最伟大的球员相比,他们的成就还有些稚嫩。   时间的流逝带来了不同的时间更迭,自从84黄金一代过后,相继出现了96和03的黄金一代,这正是时代的发展所带来的另一种竞争变化。不过在2015年的选秀大会当中,又一批新人以极其迅猛的姿态强势崛起着,尤其是在中锋没落的时代,当唐斯、波尔津吉斯和奥卡福这些年轻、并且天赋惊人的年轻球员登陆NBA时,这恐怕是另一场中锋变革的开始。   1984年的黄金一代是让人仰望的,96一代以他们的激情阐释了热血,03一代仍处于最巅峰的时代,而随后的几年时间里,NBA恐怕就成为2015届新秀们驰骋的地盘。   (时光)相关的主题文章: