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The baby has a booger handle so much attention to Sohu in the "national treasure mother maternal health good mummy club QQ group to reflect today, baby recently many children very uncomfortable, booger, do not know how to deal with this problem, we consulted the neonatal pediatrician, and gives the answer. The doctor pointed out that the baby let mother treatment booger headache problem is the baby small nose is very delicate, not handled properly it will hurt the little guy. If the newborn booger is hard, things can be in cleaning up the nose to drop a few drops of sesame oil, which can avoid the sting of the baby. Or use warm towel about the baby’s nose, nose with softening heat, must repeatedly apply towel, to achieve the role of softening. Don’t get too deep in the nose, which can cause a baby’s discomfort. If the booger you can use as a viscous state, small paper into the baby’s nose. A more secure way is through the nasal suction device will suck out the nose. No matter what kind of approach, in the process must pay attention to the baby’s reflection, once the baby is not forced to deal with strong reflection. The new pediatrician said that many mothers are lack of parenting experience, suggested that mothers can take the baby to attend some interesting parent-child activities. Both exercise the baby, he can also communicate with other mothers to learn some parenting methods. The seventh session of the national health cup "calendar baby contest starts, this is not only the baby hi field, but also mothers exchange platform. Want to let your adorable baby become a desk baby? Learn more about the calendar baby secret, contact us. Registration phone 0431-81921391相关的主题文章: