The Big 22nd Birthday Bash Of Jonathan Lipnicki-headache怎么读�

Artists Jonathan Lipnicki better known as the kid star of Jerry Maguire, is not a kid anymore. The bespectacled son of Renee Zellweger, is now a grown up man. He celebrated his 22nd birthday in style at a happening party in the Surrender Nightclub in Las Vegas. The popular kid star had reserved a table on the dance floor, and was enjoying the evening by keeping himself cool by drinking Kettle One, and that too on the rocks. Jonathan Lipnicki was dressed to kill in a vest and a tie. He made all the scantily clad waitresses in the club happy by posing with them. It is so hard to imagine that time flies so soon. It’s been 16 years since the release of Renee Zelweger, Tom Cruise, and Jonathan Lipnicki starrer Jerry Maguire. Nowadays, Jonathan Lipnicki is known for the fabulous body that he sports. He is acting in some Holywood movies too. One of Jonathan Lipnicki movie named, Edge of Salvation, premiered recently, and he is also working on a series called MotherLover. It is amazing to see that a six year old boy, who played a know it all son in his debut film, has turned into a hunk after 16 years. The secret behind this adorable body are the pull ups, weight lifting, and resistance training. He has given an apt amount of time in strenght and resistance training to get such ripped off body. Jonathan Lipnicki is popular for his one liner from the film, Do you know the human head weighs eight pounds?. He has even made a tattoo on his torso on the left side that he loves to flaunt. As a child artist, Jonathan Lipnicki has also starred in The Little Vampire, and Stuart Little. Some of his movies are in post production stages now like, For the Love of Money, and Tag. Apart from movies, he is also training in Jiu Jitsu, a martial art of Brazilian origin. He had recently tweeted that he is about to get a purple belt, and now has a blue belt. When Jonathan Lipnicki arrived at the Surrender Nightclub in Vegas, he was dressed in a black vest, and a gray and black stripe tie. The arms of his shirt were rolled till the elbows, and he was looking at ease and confident about himself. Throughout the evening, he was in the thick of all the activity in the club. He enjoyed the music played by DJ Sidney Samson quite a lot. Overall we can say that he was at his very best on his birthday. In contrast to his last birthday, which he celebrated in LAVO, this year Jonathan Lipnicki preferred to have a different drink than sipping away cocktails. The gait that he showed in this years birthday party had confidence, and he showed little more maturity this year than in the previous years birthday. All of us are waiting to see his new stance in Las Vegas in his next birthday bash. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: