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The British News I UK October manufacturing industry to maintain strong growth, but increasing inflationary pressure! – Sohu blue stamp on our yo! Tuesday (November 1st) announced that the investigation of British manufacturing in October slightly lost power, due to the decline in sterling has boosted exports, but also exacerbate inflationary pressures; the survey highlights the impact of the referendum of Britain in the June champions back to the UK economy. Markit analyst Rob Dobson said, the British manufacturing industry is still stable in October, should resume growth in the fourth quarter." Markit the authors of this survey. Data show that in June 23rd after the British referendum decision to withdraw from the EU in the first full quarter, the British economy is much better than the performance of the Bank of England and private analysts expected. Markit pointed out that the pound fell has boosted manufacturers export in October, although the manufacturing sector shows growth to slightly lower than in September, domestic demand is strong. But the negative impact of the weakening of the pound has become increasingly evident. Import prices rose, making procurement costs hit the biggest increase in nearly 25 years since the survey. Not only that, Markit said about 90% of the companies in the interpretation of rising costs, the reasons are associated with the pound. Manufacturing output prices also hit the biggest increase since 2011. "If there are signs of continued expansion in output and the pressure of rising prices in other sectors of the economy, the probability of a rate cut by the end of the year is almost zero," Dobson said. WeChat ID:GreatBritainMagazine long on the left side of the two-dimensional code attention we do not just forwarding media we believe that the strength of the original us every article is full of sincerity we bring you the most fresh British Zixun Elite copyright GB micro signal: Greatbritainmagazine business cooperation: hello@elitegb.co相关的主题文章: