The child admission separation anxiety how to break This book helps me a lot! Sohu – puritans pride

The child admission separation anxiety how to break? This book helps me a lot! My mother is the Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice here and 100 thousand mother exchange school immediately experience enlightenment. The child is not hit you don’t want to go? Each child will experience separation anxiety. TA will haunt you crying, or sad alone. How to deal with children’s separation anxiety disorder? In fact, the most important thing is to give children a sense of security. Specifically how to do? Just take out the book and look at the children. According to the contents of the picture books (animated. You can watch it with your children Mom: the whole story is very warm, bring me and baby a lot of moving, to ease the child’s separation anxiety is helpful. Owl Babies the owl babies can see three small animals, and the three little owls. They are standing on a branch. What are they doing? There is a tree on the second page. Is this the home of the three little owls on the cover? Once upon a time, there were three owls: Sarah, Posey and Bill. (Chinese translation: Xiu Xiu "Pippi" Bibi ".) They live in a hole in the tree with their mother. The branches of the trees, the leaves and the feathers. That’s their home. One night, the little owl wakes up and finds their mother gone. "Where’s mom?" Xiu Xiu asked. "My God!" PI pi. "I want my mother!" Bibi said. The babies think (all the owls like to think) – "I guess she went hunting." Said the. "Go and get us something to eat!" PI pi. "I want my mother!" Bibi said. But their owl mother didn’t come back. The owl babies come out of their tree holes and sit in the tree waiting for her. Look at the close-up highlight is owlets anxiousexpression. Xiu Xiu sat on a very thick branches, Pipi sat on a thin branch, Bibi sitting in an old ivy. "She’ll be back." Said the. "I’ll be right back!" PI pi. "I want my mother!" Bibi said. Note: this time, the visual picture books into perspective. Three baby owls eagerly waiting for their mothers. It was dark in the woods, what walking around them, they can only give myself courage. "She’ll come back with rats and other good things." Said the. "I guess so, too!" PI pi. "I want my mother!" Bibi said. They sat there thinking (all the owls like to think) – "I think we should all sit together." Said the. So the three of them sat down together. !相关的主题文章: